Convenient Transactions through Contactless Feature

Contactless Feature on Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards

Now, experience easy and convenient transactions through the Contactless Feature, just tap or hold your Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards near a compatible reader. Effective 30 September 2021, all Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards come equipped with this contactless feature, described as follows:

A. Contactless Feature Description

This feature is indicated by a contactless logo on the front of your Credit Card and Charge Card. It allows customers to transact simply by tapping or holding Credit Cards and Charge Cards near an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine that accepts contactless payments. The 6-digit PIN is not required for transactions up to IDR 1,000,000.

B. The following conditions are applicable for the issuance of Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards with the contactless feature:

  1. Valid for Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards, whether new, renewal or replacement cards.
  2. For those who want a Danamon Credit Card and/or Charge Card with the contactless feature prior to the card renewal period, you can request a replacement of your Danamon Credit Card and/or Charge Card via Hello Danamon 1-500-090.

C. Fast and secure transactions with the Contactless Feature

  1. With the Contactless Feature, cardholders can easily make transactions without the need to input a 6-Digit PIN. Simply tap or hold the card near the EDC machine which has the contactless (non-contact) logo for accepting payments. Signing of contactless transactions for Danamon Credit Card and Charge Card applies specifically for overseas transactions.
  2. For Contactless Feature transactions, the cardholder directly handles the transaction without passing the card over to the merchant (cashier). This avoids other parties from reading vital and confidential information on the card during transactions.
  3. The maximum amount possible with the Contactless Feature is IDR 1,000,000 (One Million Rupiah) per transaction. If the transaction exceeds IDR 1,000,000 (One Million Rupiah), then the cardholder is required to use a 6-Digit PIN.

D. How to make transactions using the contactless feature 

How to use the contactless feature

  • Search - merchants that accept contactless payments
  • Position - your card near the EDC machine
  • Transaction complete (if less than IDR 1 million)- Or input 6-digit PIN (for transactions over IDR 1 million)

E. Other important information

For terms and conditions regarding use of Contactless Feature, refer to the general terms and conditions for membership of Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards through this link:

General Terms & Conditions for Danamon Credit Cards and Charge Cards

For security and convenience of transactions:

  • Keep your contactless Credit Card safe and secure.
  • If you lose your card or receive SMS notification regarding a transaction you do not recognize, immediately report it to Hello Danamon.

For clarification and further information, contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090.