Customer Complaints Handling Process

Complaint acceptance

1. Customer file complaint through :

  1. Danamon customer at 1-500-090
  2. Email :
  3. Come to the nearest branch

2. Danamon staff will convey confirmation or complaint receipt to customer if all terms are complete

3. If the requirement documents are not yet complete, customer must complete the document(s) within maximum of 10 business days and can be extended up to 10 business days if customer’s outside of domicile document and/or other matter that is beyond customer control

4. The requirement documents that needed for settlement of complaints click here

Complaint handling

1. Danamon staff will follow up customer oral complaints maximum of 5 business days, for written complaints maximum of 10 business days

2. The time period for complaint settlement can be extended maximum 2 x 10 business days by Danamon staff by informing customer about the extended time period for settlement and also the reason before the first and second period ended.

3. Customer can ask for information to Danamon staff regarding the complaint settlement process through the contact information that was delivered when complaint is received or listed on complaint receipt.

4. Danamon staff can ask for additional documents to customer when examination of complaint is being carried out, to settle the complaint.

Complaint Settlement

1. Danamon staff will deliver to customer’s complaint based on examination result.

2. Based on examination result : 

  1. If customer is satisfied -> DONE
  2. If customer is unsatisfied :

1) Customer can raise objections by  attaching new documents that hasn’t been submitted before.

2) Can plea for facility to BI/OJK; or

3) Strive to resolve disputes both in or outside the court

Facility plea to BI and OJK

1. Facility plea for complaint settlement to BI only related with payment system services (e.g ATM card, credit card, fund transfer, check/Bilyet Giro, electronic money, valas transaction, and money)

2. Facility plea request to BI/OJK through : 

• BI

• BI Contact Center at 1-500-131

• Email :


• OJK contact at 1-500-655

• Email :

• Complaint submission terms to BI/OJK:

  1. Customer has delivered complaint to Danamon Bank and has been followed-up
  2. There is no agreement between customer and Danamon Bank; and 
  3. It is a civil problem that is not in process or there has been no decision by mediation, arbitration or court institution.