Syariah Business - Investment Financing iB

Bank Danamon Sharia Investment Financing is a financing for investment purpose of the business site, capital product or other production facility based on Sharia fundament.


  1. Helping the Customer’s SME or Wholesale to invest the payment alternative that is more beneficial and flexible period as necessary.
  2. Fixed margin during the repayment with buying and selling scheme (Murabahah).
  3. Better financial performance when using Sharia Leasing (IMBT).

Sharia Investment Financing Scheme:
Sharia Investment Financing has the following financing schemes:

  1. Buying and Selling Scheme (Murabahah).
  2. Sharia Leasing Scheme (IMBT).

Required Document for Sharia Working Capital & Investment:




Copy of ID card/Passport of the Company Manager/the Customer and the Collateral Owner.

Copy of Family Certificate


Copy of Marriage Certificate and Spouse ID Card


Copy of NPWP

Business Certificate, Business Registration Letter, Domicile Letter

Copy of Business Establishment and it’s amendment with the Court Validation


The Company should have been running for 2 years (SME), 3 years for Commercial (Wholesale)

Having Financial Report for minimum 2 years (SME) and for minimum 3 years for Commercial (Wholesale).

Proforma Financial Report (Financing < rp="" 5="" billion);="" inhouse="" (entity="" or="" financing="" /> 5 billion), audited( PT with asset or turnover > 50 billion)

Copy or Checking Account/Deposit for the last 3 months (SME).

Last 6 month for Commercial customer (wholesale)

Copy of Collateral Asset Documentation

Not enlisted on Bank Indonesia Black List