Sharia - Deposit

Sharia Deposit is a form of investment based on Sharia law by Modaraba fundaments. This investment is created for individual customer or entity (non-individual) with placement period on 1, 3, 6 and 12 months or On Call (daily) choice by 7, 14 and 21days. Product time period will be ended on the due date or the Customer breaks (close) the periodical deposit before the due date.


  • Safe and flexible;
  • Competitive profit sharing;
  • Funding will be distributed to profitable real sector and accordingly to Sharia law;
  • Help to plan the Customer’s investment program.


A risk that attached to this periodical deposit is the changing of fees, nisbah and Gross Profit Distribution (the bank’s Gross Profit Distribution that may happen anytime and will be informed through branches, website or other decent media.

Requirements and procedures:

  • Showing a valid original identity (ID card/driving license/passport)
  • Showing a real and submitting a copy of SIUP/NPWP/TDP/Company Establishment Certificate/other documents (for Non-Individual).
  • Filling account registration form.

If there is any complaint or other unclear things, you may call Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or visit the nearest branches.


  • Minimum Placement :
  1. Individual
  2. Entity (Non-Individual)

IDR 8,000,000

IDR 100,000,000

  • Stamp fee for opening and closing

IDR 6,000

  • Periodical deposit that may be liquidated before the due date (for the Individual and Entity customer)

IDR 30,000 (partly liquidation)

IDR 50,000  (entirely liquidation)

Simulation : 

  • 1 month Periodical Deposit placement     = IDR 1,000,000,000
  • Total of Product balance   = IDR 1,049,945,156,243
  • Total of Revenue Allocation             = IDR 8,947,987,839
  • Nisbah ( Customer : Bank )           = 70% : 30%

Profit Sharing Calculation Formula:

Customer Average Balance   X  revenue allocation  X % NISBAH

Product Total of Average Balance

Then, the calculation of profit sharing before tax is: :










VAT 20% = IDR 1,193,127
Profit share = IDR 4,772,509 

Profit Sharing treatment for Periodical Savings that is liquidated before the due date:


Profit Sharing Treatment for the Customer

Placement < 21="" />

Profit sharing will be given proportionally by using daily investment profit sharing calculation (Deposito On Call) that applies on the same day.

Placement > 21 Days

Profit sharing will be given proportionally by using profit sharing calculation before the initial contract.