PLR / Prime Lending Rate

Rupiah Prime Lending Rate

Line of Business (Effective % per annum)


Corporate Loan

Retail Loan

Micro Loan

Consumption Loan


Non Mortgage

Prime Lending Rate






As of 30 September 2020 -31 October 2020
(Updated 2 October 2020)

Notes :

  1. Prime Lending Rate (PLR) is used as a base for the interest rate charged by the Bank to debtors. PLR does not take into account the debtors' that is charged to debtors is not necessarily equal to PLR. 
  2. Corporate loan includes corporate and commercial loans
  3. PLR as listed above excludes loan with cash collateral
  4. PLR consumption loan non mortgage represents primarily PLR for motorcycle that granted to customer through joint financing scheme and excluding credit card and unsecured loan 
  5. At anytime prevailing PLR information can be seen through the Bank’s notification in each branch and / or website (
  6. If needed, at anytime the Bank can change PLR information