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Danamon Optimal!

With #CaraOptimalku, you will be more confident to set every plan according to each phase of life with various products, easy access, attractive benefits, and loyalty programs.

Life Goals

Optimize every goal in your life with the Solution Package from Danamon Optimal!

Wujudkan financial goals di setiap fase hidup

Daily Transactions

Take control of your financial plan with greater flexibility through Danamon LEBIH PRO and D-Bank PRO!

Lebih Fleksibel untuk pegang kendali

Own Your Lifestyle

Easily manage your transaction needs according to your lifestyle with Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card.

Jangan mudah terdistraksi! Tentukan

Special Loyalty

Get great deals to help optimize your every trip!

Dapatkan banyak offer menarik

More Optimal with
Solution Package

Optimize your financial goals in every phase of your life!

Financial Freedom

Achieve financial freedom in the future with the Time Deposit and also Investment products!

Siapkan finansial untuk masa depan

Education Plan

Design your children's future and fulfill their dreams with Investment and Insurance solutions!

Bantu buah hati untuk menyusun masa depan

Investment Starter

Begin your commitment to saving and investing for relatively higher returns!

Saatnya mulai berinvestasi dan lebih yakin

KPR Danamon

Bring your plans to live in your dream home to life with the convenience of Danamon's facilities!

Wujudkan rencana untuk tinggal

Kredit Multiguna

Avail of funds to fulfill needs ranging from home renovation to business capital!

Dapatkan dana tunai dengan jenis jaminan

KPM Prima

Ready to buy your dream car with a trusted loan, special interest rate, and complete insurance!

Siap beli mobil impian dengan pinjaman


A savings account for daily transaction needs with many MORE benefits!

Fitur Utama

  • Free Transfer Fee 99x

    Free transfer fee to other banks via BI Fast

  • Free Cash Withdrawal Fee 99x

    Free cash withdrawal fees at various ATMs

  • 9 Currencies 1 Account

    Easier fund management and profit with multiple currencies

D-Bank PRO

Optimize your transaction experience with one app!

Fitur Utama

  • Transfer via BI Fast

    Easy transfer to other banks

  • Top up E-wallet

    Topup anytime & anywhere

  • Pembayaran via QRIS

    Conveniently make payments at various merchants

Live your lifestyle your way

Organize your transaction needs according to your lifestyle to #FreeFromRoutine
with Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card

Fitur Utama

Fitur Utama

  • 4x D-Point

    For every Rp2,500 transaction and 16,000 D-Point bonus every month

  • Up to 36 months installment

    Turn your every retail transaction into installments through the D-Bank PRO app

  • Cashback 5%

    Maximum cashback of Rp100,000 with regular payments such as bills

Enjoy Interesting Promos


Travel with promos that save up to 35%

Traveling dengan promo hemat hingga 35%


Indulge yourself save up to 60%

Manjakan diri dengan promo hemat hingga 60%


Belanja dengan promo hemat hingga 50%

Belanja dengan promo hemat hingga 50%


Dine with up to 20% savings

Menyantap sajian lezat dengan promo hemat hingga 20%

More Optimal with
Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card!

Sure to be More Profitable

Get many special offers to help optimize every financial journey!

  • Cashback up to Rp250k every month at gas stations & supermarkets. Click here for info Click here

  • Special rates on your birthday month for Investment and Insurance product purchases. Click here for info. Click here


    Get 1x financial consultation session worth Rp1.5 million. Click here for Info. Click here

  • Get many benefits by collecting D-Points. Click here for info. Click here


Danamon Optimal Requirements

*Total Combined Balance comprises the combined balance of savings accounts, current accounts, depopsito, market price of investment products and insurance products that have an investment element.