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As one of the Most Trusted Banks in Indonesia, Bank Danamon has extensive experience in finance, including Investment. With support from trusted parties, Bank Danamon is here to help you manage your Investment. Bank Danamon provides a wide selection of Investment products, such as: Mutual Fund, Danamon Regular Investment Plan (DRIP) Program, Bonds and Forex. You can start Investing in Bank Danamon and start to drive future control.

Mutual Fund

Enjoy the ease of investing through Bank Danamon that provides a range of mutual fund products as an option for investment portfolio according to your risk profile. Bank Danamon not only provides a wide selection of investment instruments through Mutual Fund products but is also supported by experienced Relationship Manager services for your financial management. Mutual Fund is a container that contains a set of funds from a set of Investors, where the Fund manager can be placed in the form of a portfolio of money market instruments, bonds, and equity, and managed by independent and professional Fund Managers.

Danamon Reguler Investment Plan (DRIP)

Danamon Reguler Investment Plan (DRIP) provides autodebit facility to subscription your mutual fund periodically starting from Rp500.000 or $100 USD. Simply register yourself once and make a monthly deposit, then you have a better monthly investment for the future.


If you are looking for investment instruments that can provide potential fixed returns with relatively low risk levels, Bank Danamon offers you a solution through investments in a range of Bond products. Bonds are debt securities with maturities, issued by the government or companies to holders of bonds in return for a certain amount of yield or coupon. The term of the Bonds depends on each published series of Bonds.

Structured Product

Structured Product is an investment in foreign currency which provide opportunities for Customers to receive higher returns than traditional deposits by utilizing market fluctuations and diversification with relatively short – term investment horizon. Structured Products which currently offered by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk are Market Linked Deposit (MLD) and Dual Currency Investment (DCI).

Foreign Exchange

Forex provides benefits gained from the difference in Exchange rates when buying and selling. Bank Danamon always provides the latest Exchange updates, so you can see when the best time to buy and sell. Bank Danamon always strives to give you convenience in transacting. Surely Bank Danamon is ready to help you, now.

Daily Market Recap

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk presents news headlines in the areas of economics, business and actual data of financial markets such as Stock, Bond and Foreign Exchange market. The news and data are summarized and selected from various trusted sources. If you want to get recommendations regarding investment products that are suitable for your needs.

Wealth Management Program Offering

Want to enjoy more benefits from purchasing / subscribing to Bank Danamon’s investment products? Register and enjoy our various offering of programs for your investment transactions. 

Investment Transaction Facility
To ensure ease of doing transactions, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk provides our Customers with: 

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