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Immediately materialize a plan to purchase, build, and renovate your home using Danamon Housing Credit (KPR) facilities. Choose a Danamon KPR product that suits your needs and enjoy various benefits of the Danamon KPR for you and your family members.

Danamon helps you and your family members to materialize a dream home with a wide selection of products

Housing Credit (KPR)

  1. Housing Credit (KPR)
  2. Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA)
  3. House Renovation and Construction Credit (KPPR)
  4. Land Plot Ready to Build (KSB)

KPR Danamon Lebih

Multi-Purpose Credit (KMG)

For those of you who already have KPR facilities and want to get more benefits, Bank Danamon provides various programs, namely:

1. Take Over

2. Top Up Loans

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