Syariah Business - Rural Bank Financing iB

Danamon Sharia Rural Bank Financing is a competitive working capital financing with Modaraba scheme to Sharia Rural Bank Financing (SRBF) that will be distributed to the Customer of SRBF. The benefit of financing to SRBF Customer is to support various necessity like working capital, investment and other purposes which are not allowed to be used for prohibited transaction stated by Bank Indonesia also incompatible with Sharia fundaments such as speculation, derivative transaction and any other.

General Terms and Condition of SRBF
1. Usage purpose: To be distributed for SRBF customer (Linkage Program)
2. Currency: IDR (Rupiah)
3. Credit collateral that is distributed to the Customer + PG from the stockholder/MD is 5% minimum.
4. Charged fees:

  • Stamp fee;
  • Administration fee;
  • Notary fee;
  • General Insurance fee.

Late instalment repayment (including ta’wid) will be charged to the Customer to cover the Bank fees, otherwise, the excess will be distributed as a fund of virtue (Qardhul Hasan).

SRBF Minimum Criteria:
1. Have been running for 3 years minimum.
2. Registered with the government insurance program (LPS).
3. Afford the required financial ratio (KPPM min. 12 %, NPF gross max. 7 %, NPF nett max. 5 %, ROA min. 1,5%, FDR max. 110%)
4. Asset Total minimal is 10 billion.
5. Bank Indonesia checking result is excellent and not enlisted on the blacklist of Bank Indonesia.

SRBF Required Documents:
1. Copy of SRBF Establishment Certificate + Last Amendment + Last Stock Holder Certificate.
2. Copy of SRBF Approval Letter from Monetary Ministry/Bank Indonesia.
3. Copy of SRBF NPWP
4. Copy of Business Certificate/Business Registration Letter/Domicile Letter.
5. Copy of SRBF Manager ID cards & SRBF Stock Holder.
6. CV of Last SRBF Management
7. Proof of LPS participation + proof of contribution deposit.
8. Current year SRBF’s business plan.
9. Audited financial report for the last 2 years.
10. Bank Indonesia-formatted Monthly Report for the last 2 current years when applying.
11. Copy of Checking Account for the last 3 months.

Complain Procedure
If there is a complaint about this product, the Customer may come to the nearest Sharia Branch of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk or call Hello Danamon in 1-500-090.

Product Issuer
The product is issued by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk Sharia Business Unit.

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia is registered and supervised by Monetary Service Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK).