Investasi - Bond

If you are looking for investment instruments that can provide potential fixed returns with a relatively low level of risk, Bank Danamon offers you solutions through investments in a series of bonds.

Bonds are long-term bonds issued by the government or companies to holders of bonds in return for a certain amount of yield or coupon. The term of the Bonds depends on each series of Bonds issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Type of Bond

Bank Danamon currently only markets bonds issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia consisting of:

Indonesian Government bonds in Rupiah and foreign currencies.

Retail Indonesia Government Bonds in Rupiah.

Corporate Bonds in Rupiah

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Enjoy the convenience of making investment transactions, Bank Danamon offers services for foreign exchange and investment product transactions by telephone, email, and fax.

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  • Subscription and Early Redemption of Government Retail Bonds in the Primary Market can be done online through Danamon Online Banking (DOB) or D-Bank Pro, accessible to download through App Store or Google Play. Or you can follow the guidance on this link.