Danamon Solusi UKM

Danamon Solusi UKM is a solution from PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This solution is intended and tailored specifically to help grow your business, because we believe every business must have the potential to become more advanced. The right solution is presented as follows:

1.Shop-House Investment Solution
Opening a business venue in a crowded area and having a high economic prospect is no longer a dream. Realize your dream store/shop in a convenient, fast, flexible and profitable way with shop-house investment solution from Bank Danamon.

2. Business Investment Solution
Business investment solutions will ease you in developing your business in terms of financing the ownership and refinancing of business premises in the form of commercial property. Developing a business becomes easier and more convenient, and you can also enlarge your profits with the cashback features provided by Danamon.

3. Capital Solution
Bank Danamon presents a solution to facilitate your business development in terms of financing daily business operational needs, such as the purchase of raw materials, stock and others by guaranteeing fixed assets.


The following are some general terms and conditions required to develop your business with Bank Danamon, including:

  1. Individual business owner or business entity (CV, PT, BPR, Kop-Kar).
  2. Minimum duration of 2 years.
  3. Own property assets to be guaranteed, such as: residential, shop-houses, houses, warehouses, factories, and others.
  4. Not included those of prohibited industries, such as: entertainment venues, casinos & gambling, arms trading and the likes.
  5. Financing related to businesses owned (investment or working capital) with loans ranging from IDR 500 million to IDR 20 billion.

For those of you who want to develop a business with Danamon, you can apply online by clicking the button below right away, or by visiting the nearest Danamon branch.