Sharia Working Capital Financing

Danamon Sharia iB Working Capital Financing is a working capital financing and trade finance using scheme of Sharia fundaments.


  1. Helping company, both SME or Wholesale to develop the business with full banking relationship service also providing comprehensive banking solution.
  2. A competitive financial solution in a quick process also Cash Management iB service and online bill payment system through payment point in banking service.
  3. Danamon Sharia iB Cash Management service is available, including Internet Banking cash@work service to simplify penetration and adding more value to your company.

Sharia Working Capital Financing Scheme

  1. Modaraba/Musharaka-SCAF (profit sharing) scheme;
  2. Murabaha (buying and selling) scheme;
  3. Wakalah scheme for issuing LC/SKBDN;
  4. Kafalah scheme for Bank Guarantee.

Profit Sharing (Modaraba) Financing Scheme

  1. The Customer and the Bank will perform a cooperation agreement of Modaraba (profit sharing) where the Bank act as the Financial Provider and the Customer act as the business manager. The profit sharing ratio (nisbah) from the Customer’s Net Revenue will be set based on mutual agreement.
    In example, Bank: Customer = 20% : 80%
  2. Bank provides funding for financing business or project managed by the Customer.
  3. The Customer manages the business or project as good as can be according to the skills and knowledge.
  4. The Business/Project will generate revenue/profit that will be divided between the Bank and the Customer.
  5. The Business revenue is divided between the Bank and the Customer accordingly to the agreed nisbah.
    • Musharaka Scheme is a profit-sharing scheme where the Bank and the Customer will provide some funding portion in a term that the benefit will be divided according to the agreed nisbah. The scheme is used for Sharia Checking Account Financial (SCAF).

Buying and Selling (Murabaha) Financing Scheme

  1. The Customer will set the necessary product/asset and negotiate with the Seller.
  2. The Seller will propose a price and terms & condition that is agreed upon together with the Customer.
  3. The Customer will propose the financing and create the contract for product purchasing agreement.
  4. The Bank will perform the product/asset purchasing in cash according to the proposed price to the Seller.
  5. The product/asset belongs to the Bank & The Seller performs asset transfer.
  6. The Bank sell the product according to the selling price and perform ownership transfer.
  7. The Customer will perform payment of the financing according to the agreed instalment.