PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk established in 1956 is one of Indonesia’s largest financial institutions committed to be a customer-centric organization that offers high quality products and services as well as supported by the latest technologies. To support its main businesses, Danamon owned subsidiaries such as PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance (Adira Finance).

Adira Finance

Espousing a vision of “Creating shared value to increase prosperity”, Adira Finance has a mission "Providing various financial solutions according to customer's needs through synergy with the ecosystem". With a logo and tagline of “Sahabat Setia Selamanya”, Adira Finance is committed to building healthy and long-term relationships with customers and business partners in order to support a sustainable performance. This commitment is the driving force for Adira Finance to serve the consumer in all aspects of life, leading to a long-term relationship, a ‘customer for life’. Adira Finance seeks to position itself in the mind of consumers as a friend who is capable of providing the solutions they need and seeks to work together within the “Sahabat Adira” concept. ‘Sahabat’, in the philosophy of Adira Finance, contains personalized values to be reflected to the consumers: intelligent, trustworthy, friendly, helpful, attentive, and committed. Adira Finance primarily focuses on providing financing facilities for the purchase of two- and four-wheeled motor vehicles, new and used, in the domestic market, targeting customers in the mid and mid-to-low income levels who need motor vehicles primarily for productive purposes.

Adira Finance’s core offerings include investment financing, working capital financing, multi-finance and other types of financing as approved by OJK, as well as offering lease facilities and/or other feebased activities within the regulatory corridor in the financial services sector. Adira Finance also provides syariah-based financing.