D-Bank PRO

D-Bank PRO, All-In-One App

Offering convenience and practicality for various transactions, both financial and non-financial, D-Bank PRO can also be accessed using a PC/Laptop/Tablet through the website version. Visit URL: https://www.dbank.co.id/

With a new attractive interface, D-Bank PRO provides the same user experience when you transact using either mobile app or website.


D-Bank PRO advantages:

  • Accessibility: Using smartphone (app version) or PC/laptop/tablet (website version)
  • Self-Activation : fast and easy, multiple activation options and ready-to-use
  • Latest Technology: PRACTICAL and EASY ACCESS; no need to remember User-ID or password; biometrics: fingerprints / face recognition
  • Complete & Up-to-Date Features: purchases of Internet data packages and PLN tokens; payments for electricity, loan and Ziswaf; bulk transfer, e-commerce (online shopping); mutual funds,BI Fast Transfer, FX purchase and remittance, QRIS
  • Software Token: D-Bank PRO web version offers easier stand-alone transactions (physical tokens/SMS tokens not required)

Download D-Bank PRO through Google Play or App Store, or access website https://www.dbank.co.id


For assistance, please contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090


Danamon’s mobile banking application has many features and advantages to make your life easier and more convenient.



  1. Must be a Danamon Savings or Current Account holder.
  2. Danamon customers must be Danamon Credit Card holders (Visa or MasterCard).
  3. Smartphone user, whether IOS or Android, with operating system version compatible to D-Bank PRO app requirements
  4. Subscriber of telecommunication provider Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, XL Axiata or 3
  5. Must have Data services (Internet).
  6. Personal e-mail address and active cellular/mobile phone number.

  • Account balance and account transaction/mutation records
  • Funds transfer
  • BI Fast Transfer
  • Information on banking products including product simulation.
  • Purchases: top-up credit, airline tickets (Garuda/Lion Air), Internet data packages (XL)
  • Payments: Credit Cards for Danamon and other banks, monthly bills such as Telkom and post-paid mobile phones, Pay-TV bills (Okevision/TOP TV/ Indovision/ Transvision), loans (Adira Finance/Credit), e-commerce (GoPay, OVO, Paytren ) and other virtual account payments.
  • QRIS 
  • Cardless Cash Transactions (D-Cash)
  • Opening an Account Online: Danamon LEBIH, FlexiMAX, D-Save, D-Save Plus and Online Deposit Account.

Customers/Non-Customers who have not activated D-Bank PRO features, can still avail of the ‘find location’ feature for nearest ATM or Danamon Branch (Augmented Reality) plus get information on Danamon merchant promos or Danamon banking products.

  • First, reserve through D-Cash by selecting "D-Cash" on the D-Bank PRO menu
  • Then select desired "Amount" (minimum IDR 100,000 maximum IDR 1,000,000)
  • Enter "your mobile phone number / your friend's mobile phone number" to make cash withdrawals
  • Create a "passcode" consisting of a special 6-digit number for this transaction
  • Press "continue", then confirm by entering your personal "mPIN"
  • D-Cash reservation has been completed

D-Cash reservation is valid for 2 hours. Visit any Danamon ATM marked with D-Cash to make the cardless withdrawal.

  • Press any button on the Danamon ATM screen
  • Select "Cardless Cash Withdrawal Transaction" on the menu
  • Select "Your Language"
  • Enter "Your mobile phone number / mobile phone number used during reservation"
  • Enter "Your Passcode" (If your friend is making the cash withdrawal, inform him/her the Passcode.)
  • Select "Your Desired Amount To Withdraw Cash"
  • Enter the "OTP Code" received via SMS
  • Transaction has been completed! Please take the money and ATM transaction receipt.




Fund Transfer

Danamon Overbooking

Min. Rp1,- , Max. Rp200.000.000,-

Rp 0,-

IBFT – Online

Min. Rp10.000,- Max. Rp100.000.000,-

Rp 7.500,-


Min. Rp10.000,- Max. Rp200.000.000,-
(Transactions done after 15:05 WIB will be processed and debited on the next working day)

Rp 2.900,-


Min. Rp10.000.000,-, Max. Rp 200.000.000,-
(Transactions done after 15:05 WIB will be processed and debited on the next working day))

Rp 20.000,-

Billing Payment

Danamon Credit Card

Min. Rp 1,- ,Max. Rp 200,000,000,-

Rp 0,-

Other Credit Cards

Min. Rp 10,000,-, Max. Rp 200,000,000,-

Rp 5.000,-

Pay-TV Billing

As indicated on the billing statement (Max. Rp 200,000,000,-)

Rp 3.500,-

Adira Installment (Motor/Durable)

As indicated on the billing statement (Max. Rp 200,000,000,-)

Rp 6.000,-

Adira Installment (Mobil)

As indicated on the billing statement (Max. Rp 200,000,000,-)

Rp 10.000,-

Top-Up GoPay

Top-up value by GoPay

Rp 2.000,-

Top-Up Paytren

Top-up value by Paytren

Rp 3.000,-

(Rp 1.500,-effective18 May 2021)

Top Up Ovo

Top-up value by Ovo

Rp 1.500,-


Lion Air Airline Ticket

As indicated in the purchase value / billing

Rp 5.000,-

Garuda Indonesia Airline Ticket

As indicated in the purchase value / billing

Rp 7.500,-

Telkomsel top-up load balance

As indicated by Telkomel

Rp 1.500,-

XL load top-up load balance

As indicated by XL

Rp 1.500,-

Indosat top-up load balance

As indicated by Indosat

Rp 1.500,-

XL Internet data package

As indicated by XL

Rp 1.500,-


Cardless Cash Withdrawal (D-Cash) at Danamon ATM

Min. Rp100,000,-, Max. Rp5,000,000,-

Rp 0,-

Opening an Online Deposit Account

Min. Rp 8.000.000,- , Max Rp,-
(Effective 19 April 2021, beyond global e-channel limit (Rp,-)

Rp 0,-

For more information about D-Bank PRO, click here