Syariah - Personal

You can enjoy Sharia products and services with transparent fund management and in accordance with Sharia principles as well as with equal partnerships to grow together. We provide a choice of services and products with Mudharabah (profit sharing) or Wadiah (secure savings) schemes in accordance with Sharia Banking Principles.

By providing services that promote the values of togetherness and avoid speculative activities in financial transactions, Danamon continues to develop products under the Sharia Banking Principles. Sharia products and services available in Bank Danamon will help you to realize your holy intentions in performing various worship services, such as Umrah, Hajj, Qurban through Zakat (Tithe). With the Bank Danamon Sharia Savings the intention to worship can be well planned.

Benefits of having Bank Danamon's Sharia products & services, namely:

  1. Easy. Regular deposits are automatically debited from the Source Account to the BISA Bebas Savings.
  2. Free. Customers are free to set their own saving period and the monthly routine deposit amount.
  3. Comfortable. Bank Danamon cooperates with various trusted institutions to help realize your plan.
  4. Free of Charge. Free from monthly administration fees, balances check, cash withdraw and transfer to other banks at Prima, Bersama ATMs, ALTO and Danamon ATMs and through Danamon Online Banking and counter tellers.

In addition to Savings services, Bank Danamon also provides sharia investment services with Sharia Deposits. Option of 1, 3, or 12 months placement times or 7, 14 and 21 days On Call (daily) options. You can enjoy sharia-based life insurance services through Proteksi Prima Amanah products.

For those of you who also have sharia financing needs, Danamon provides iB House Ownership Financing under the lease agreement or Ijarah Muntahiya Bit Tamlik (IMBT) which is the provision of funds in order to transfer the usufructuary rights or benefits of an item or service based on a lease transaction with the option of ownership transfer.

Immediately visit the nearest Bank Danamon branch and open an account to be able to enjoy the above Sharia services.