Sharia Product - Savings

Savings with the principle of Sharia Mudharabah (Profit Sharing) as your solution to transact with freedom and ease of transactions

Tabungan BISA Qurban iB

A plan savings that uses Sharia for profit sharing (Mudharabah) in Rupiah, which is provided specifically to help you prepare Qurban funds.

Tabungan BISA Umrah iB

Time savings use the principle of Sharia Mudharabah (Profit Sharing) which aims to assist you in planning Umrah funds.

Tabungan Haji

The savings that facilitate you to realize Hajj intentions. Suitable for customers who have fulfilled the initial deposit requirements as well as those who plan the pilgrimage funds.

1. Rekening Tabungan Jemaah Haji (RTJH) 

Providing convenience for you to register for Hajj through initial payment of Hajj Implementation Fees (BPIH), connected directly to the Integrated Hajj Computerization System (SISKOHAT) Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. Tabungan Rencana Haji iB

A plan savings using Sharia sharing principles (Mudharabah) in Rupiah, provided specifically to realize your sacred intention in performing the Hajj.