Sharia - iB Hajj Plan Savings

This savings plan uses Sharia principles for Rupiah profit sharing (Mudharabah) to support your sacred intention of performing Hajj. By using an auto-debit process from the source account to the iB Hajj Savings Plan account,  your funds will be debited every month based on the amount of deposit and chosen term.




Profit Sharing (Mudharabah)

Initial Deposit

Rp 100.000

Customer Profit Share (ratio)

2.5% (indicative rate. 0.25%)

Time Period

6 - 72 months

Routine Monthly Deposits

Rp 300.000 – Rp 5.000.000

Sharia Life Insurance



Monthly Administration Fee


Debit Failure Fee


Account Closure Prior to Maturity Fee

Rp 100.000

* Features and costs may change any time, with prior notification through the Bank’s available media 

Effective 1 December 2021



Old Product

New Product *


Initial Deposit


Rp 100.000,-


Penalty for Account Closure Before Maturity


Rp 100.000,-


Charges apply if:

• The system automatically closes account for failure to perform regular deposits within 3 consecutive months.

• The customer closes account before its maturity.



Profit Share/Ratio


(indicative rate : 2%)


(indicative rate: 0.25%)


Age Limit

6 – 60 years old

No age limit for opening account

*New product features apply only to newly opened accounts starting 1 December 2021. On the other hand, the old product features remain valid for customers who opened account prior to that date until the account’s maturity. 
EASY - routine monthly deposits are automatically debited from the Source Account to the iB Hajj Savings Plan Account.
FLEXIBLE – you determine the amount of routine monthly deposit and savings time period 
FREE – Sharia insurance coverage worth as much as Rp 200 million (as long as the customer performs regular monthly deposits)
CONVENIENT – customer receives notification as soon as funds are sufficient to register for Hajj


Coverage Value

During the time of Savings

• Accidental death





  • ·• non-accidental death


  1. 100% difference of the initial sum insured with the savings balance
  2. 1x of insured sum
  3. Grief compensation, Rp 10,000,000


  1. 100% difference of the initial sum insured with the savings balance


  2. Grief compensation, Rp 10,000,000

Upon maturity of Savings (completion of savings period:

• Waiting Period for Hajj Pilgrimage (maximum 2 years)

• Hajj (60 days)

  • ·• Homecoming


Grief compensation Rp 10,000,000 (especially for accidents)

The iB Hajj Savings Plan is offered in collaboration with PT. Manulife Indonesia Life Insurance which is solely responsible for issuance of Insurance Certificates. The Bank is not an agent for PT. Manulife Indonesia Life Insurance nor Bank Customer Brokers and is therefore not responsible for issuance of Insurance Certificates. 
Account can be opened at the nearest Sharia branch/Bank Danamon Indonesia Sharia service branch.
The customer is required to maintain an account in Bank Danamon which will be the source of the iB Hajj Savings Plan.
Indonesian Citizen (WNI): National Identity Card (KTP)
The validity period of the iB Hajj Savings Plan expires when either customer or Bank Danamon closes the product or upon ending of the iB Hajj Savings Plan.
1. Product features and costs may change any time according to Bank policies. Any changes  will be informed through the Bank’s available media.
2. If funds are insufficient/unavailable during the monthly debit’s precise date, debit will be performed again on the following day. 
3. The account shall be automatically closed if the customer fails to debit within 3 consecutive months. In this case, the funds will be credited to the source account.
4. The customer shall not be entitled to insurance protection benefits if the iB Hajj Savings Plan closes before the maturity date or if it results to debit failure.