Wadiah Savings

With Wadiah Savings by PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk. (“Bank Danamon”), the customer’s personal savings account is placed under safekeeping following sharia principles (wadiah agreement).

Customer Benefits when opening a Wadiah Savings account:

  1. No Admin Fee
    Customers are not charged a monthly administration fee
  2. No Transaction Fees for checking balance, cash withdrawals, and online transfers
    Customers are not charged for checking balance, cash withdrawals and online transfers for up to 10 transactions per month.
  3. Latest Transaction Features
    Customers enjoy convenient services, anytime and anywhere, using the most up-to-date transaction features and facilities such as mobile banking (D-Bank PRO), Internet banking (Danamon Online Banking), Danamon SMS, ATM and Hello Danamon.

Upon opening a Wadiah Savings account, the customer automatically receives a Danamon Debit/ATM Card for all the following needs:
Wadiah Savings Account Features

Product Name

iB Wadiah Savings

Product Type

Transactional Account



Profit Share



Rupiah (Rp)

Initial deposit

Rp 100.000

Monthly administration fee


Minimum balance on hold

Rp 0

Minimum maintaining balance (no administration fee)

Rp 0

Administration fee for below minimum balance

Rp 0

Minimum maintaining balance (dormant account)

Rp 0

Dormant account administration fee

Rp 0

Account closure fee

Rp 0

Method of Reporting

Statement / E-statement

Features / Benefits

  • FREE monthly administration for savings account
  • FREE cash withdrawal at all Danamon, Bersama, ALTO and Prima ATMs
  • FREE checking of account balance at all Danamon, Bersama, ALTO and Prima ATMs
  • FREE transfers using all Danamon, Bersama, ALTO and Prima ATMs or Internet banking

General Terms and Conditions

  • The process for opening, maintaining and closing a savings account follows applicable banking procedures.

Product Terms and Conditions

FREE facility for monthly administration regardless of any amount of balance

FREE transaction facilities on ATM channels:


Wadiah iB Savings Transaction Terms and Conditions

Danamon ATM

Cash withdrawal

Free of charge (no minimum balance requirement). Free up to maximum of 10 cash withdrawals per month.

Checking of balance

Free of charge without a minimum balance requirement for up to maximum of 10 times per month.


Free of charge without a minimum balance requirement for up to maximum of 10 transfers per month.

Internet Banking


Free of charge without a minimum balance requirement for up to maximum of 10 transfers per month.

*This free transaction facility can change any time according to the Bank's policy. Changes will be notified at least 1 month prior to the implementation of changes through various media including bank website, emails, ATMs, etc.


Debit Card / Danamon ATM can be issued only to individual customers. Use the Danamon Debit/ATM Cards for these transactions:

  1. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of Bank Danamon, ATM Bersama, ALTO, Prima or other ATMs with the Maestro or Cirrus logo.
  2. Bank Danamon Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).
  3. Establishments (merchants) with installed Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines bearing the logos of Maestro, Mastercard and Mastercard Electronic.
  4. Hello Danamon service 1-500-090.

Important customer reminders when making transactions using Danamon Debit/ATM Cards:

  1. Upon receiving the card, change the bank-assigned PIN before making your initial transaction. 
  2. The Debit / ATM Card and PIN are for the customer’s own/exclusive use and should not be handed over / lent to others.
  3. Change your PIN regularly. Avoid easy-to-guess PINs such as dates of birth, anniversaries, etc.
  4. Affix your signature on the back of the Debit / ATM Card.
  5. Ensure you have sufficient balance before making any transaction, such as cash withdrawals, book-entry, transfers, bill payments and others.
  6. Entering the wrong PIN three consecutive times within the same day will result to a blocked card.
  7. Keep your PIN private and confidential.
  8. Never write your PIN on the Debit/ATM Card.
  9. Prior to any debit transaction, ask the merchant for possible additional fees.
  10. While making a debit transaction, ensure that the PIN you are entering is only visible to yourself. 
  11. Ensure that the EDC machine shows the correct transaction amount before entering your PIN.
  12. Keep the purchase transaction slip in case of possible merchant or transaction-related problems.
  13. In case your Debit/ATM Card is lost or stuck/swallowed by an ATM, immediately contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090 to block the card.

Requirements and Procedures
To open a Wadiah Savings Account, apply at your preferred Bank Danamon branch office and follow the bank conditions/requirements, as follows:

  • Accomplish and sign the Customer Data and Account Opening Form
  • Attach the required supporting documents, including:
    1. Copy of valid Identity Card (KTP/ SIM/Passport).
    2. Copy of TIN
    3. Other documents
  • For inquiries, please contact:
    The nearest Bank Danamon branch, or call Hello Danamon 1-500-090.