Benefits of D-BilLink for the business community:

 Easy Access to the D-BilLink App Through Web

• Free-of-charge use of D-BilLink services

• No system integration required between the customer and bank

• easy access using an Internet-connected PC/Laptop

Flexible Payment Method

• Community members can register their Danamon accounts as source of funds for auto debit bills, or

• Use Bank Danamon VA Debit which can accept payments from all channels of Bank Danamon and other banks

Adjustable Billing Scheme based on ecosystem requirements

• Can be once or recurring

• Penalty scheme can be imposed, if needed

• Bill can change within the current period

• Data upload mechanism for large data transfer

Real Time Complete and Historical Report

• Community managers can monitor payment history in real time

• Choose among various types of reports depending on the needs of the community

• Downloadable reports (excel file format)

To join D-BilLink now, visit the nearest branch or call Hello Danamon 1-500-090