Foreign Exchange

Fulfill your foreign exchange needs with competitive rates in a wide selection of the world’s main currencies.


Danamon Forex Product Transaction Types

FX Today

Foreign currency exchange from one currency to another at the exchange rate agreed by both parties on the transaction date. Funds will be handed over on the same day.

Benefits of FX Today

Banking service in customer’s foreign currency exchange on transaction date value.

Risks of FX Today

Risk of fluctuations in exchange rate changes.

FX Forward (Money with Us)

Purchase or sale transactions of foreign currency against another foreign currency at an exchange rate that has been agreed by both parties on the transaction date with funds transfer in the future after the transaction is completed and the funds transacted are confirmed to be in the customer's account.

Benefits of FX Forward (Money with Us)

Alternative of foreign currency transaction that allow customers to get benefit from exchange rate differences.

Risks of FX Forward (Money with Us)

Risk of fluctuations in exchange rate changes.

Find FX Online Feature in FX Transaction Menu

Enjoy the convenience of foreign exchange transactions with FX Online Feature on D-Bank PRO service now!

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FX Online Features

Various foreign exchange features that make your transactions more convenient.

Exchange Rate Display
09:00 -15:00 WIB

Indikasi nilai tukar mata uang secara selama waktu trading.

FX Live Rate
09:00 -15:00 WIB

Transaksi valuta asing dengan kurs spesial Danamon selama waktu trading.

Bank Notes Order

Transaksi pemesanan bank notes pada layanan D-Bank PRO di 32 cabang Danamon.

Market Insight

Informasi pasar valuta asing.


Kirim atau transfer mata uang asing ke bank lain (domestik dan internasional).

FX Transfer

Transfer valas antar rekening Nasabah dengan FX Live Rate


Types of Danamon Forex Product Services

Get to know the types of Danamon Forex Product Services.

Direct Call

Direct Call

Service that provided to selected Customer to be able to do deal rate with competitive exchange rate.

Leave Order

Leave Order

Service to do order placement at agreed foreign exchange rate starting from market closure until market open in the next day.


World Main Currencies

US Dollar (USD)

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Japanese Yen (JPY)

Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Hong Kong Dollar (CNY)

Euro (EUR)

Pound Sterling (GBP)

Chinese YEN (CNY)

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Canadian Dollar (CAD)


1. This information is only an information summary on product features and characteristics and therefore cannot be considered as a complete product information document, and cannot be considered as an offer, recommendation, request to conduct any transaction or hedging, trading, or investment strategies, which relates to securities or any financial instruments.
2. Foreign exchange transactions involve the risk of foreign exchange market movements. You are required to read and understand the risks associated with transactions before transacting with Bank Danamon. Bank Danamon is not responsible for your losses that may occur due to the decisions you take.
3. Please contact our Relationship Manager for complete information.

*Bank Danamon is registered and supervised by The Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).
1. Open Account in Bank Danamon
2. Fill out and complete the documents required to purchase products
3. Valid ID/KTP

Enjoy the convenience to do investment transactions, Bank Danamon provides investment and foreign exchange product transaction services via telephone, email, and fax. Click here for Terms and Conditions of Service.

Market Insight

News about economy, business, and actual data for financial market such as Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Foreign Currency Exchange Rate which selected from various trusted source.


Daily market Insight

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Monthly market Insight

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