FX Online Feature in D-Bank PRO

Bank Danamon innovated with a new forex feature in the D-Bank PRO service to fulfill your foreign exchange transaction needs.


Open D-Bank PRO now and discover the latest Online Foreign Currency features in the "Forex Transactions" menu


Exchange Rate Display

Information feature in the form of foreign currency exchange rate/foreign currency indicative exchange rate using Danamon special exchange rate (live rate) while doing foreign exchange transactions at trading hours (09.00 WIB – 15.00 WIB)

Benefits for customers:

  • Get better and more competitive information on foreign currency exchange rate/foreign currency indicative exchange rate using Danamon special rate (live rate) to transact

FX Live Rate

Buy or sell foreign currency transaction feature using the special exchange rate that customers can transact within a time limit (during trading hours). A timer for special rate usage is available at the time of transaction confirmation where after the time is up then the live rate and the information of foreign currency amount (in USD) against IDR (threshold) or its equivalent per month per customer (transaction underlying) that customer can transact specifically for buying foreign currency from IDR will be automatically renew to be use in the transaction

Benefits for Customers:

  • Better exchange rate with Danamon special rate where the rate will continuously renewed from time to time
  • Timer for exchange rate usage that will get renewed after the time limit.
  • Color indicator at the used exchange rate value: green shows that the exchange rate changes is profitable for customers, while red is vice versa
  • Information of remaining currency (in USD) that available for exchange from IDR is available at confirmation page

To find out about General Terms and Conditions of Foreign Exchange Purchase and Sales Transactions through D-Bank PRO click here

Bank Notes Order

Transaction feature of Bank Notes order at D-Bank PRO service for 5 currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, SGD, and AUD. Bank Notes order will be available at selected Bank Danamon branches

Benefits for customers:

  • Only have to use D-Bank PRO service to order bank notes without have to go to branc
  • Able to choose the branch office where to collect bank notes
  • Able to choose the time of bank notes collect at branch

To find out about General Terms and Conditions of Foreign Currency Withdrawal Transaction Services at Bank Danamon Branch Offices through D-Bank PRO click here.

Market Insight

Market information feature that accessible through D-Bank PRO service

Benefits for Customers:

  • Get market insight easily by using D-Bank PRO service


Transaction feature of Remittance (transfer or send money abroad) through D-Bank PRO

Benefits for Customers:

  • Easier remittance transaction with update user interference (UI) on ‘Search Bank Method’
  • New channel, remittance transaction to Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri)
  • Lower and flat fee, not depending on Correspondent Bank
  • Transfer amount always received in full amount
  • Transaction time is close to real-time
  • Pre-validation on every transaction to make return potential is minimum

FX Transfer


Foreign currency transfer between accounts using FX Live Rate during trading hours (09.00 WIB – 15.00 WIB).

Benefits for Customers:

  • Customers can directly perform foreign currency transfer between accounts with a more competitive conversion rate using FX Live Rate