With 24/7 Danamon e-channel electronic banking service, we bring convenience of controlling a variety of financial needs that you have, anywhere and anytime with various kind of innovations to give you a fast and quality services. For comforts of making a bank transaction, activate your Danamon e-channel service immediately. Make it as a solution to each of your transaction.

D-Bank PRO - A mobile banking service who gives you convenience and comforts of making a transaction through smartphone in form of mobil app. D-Bank app can be downloaded through App Store and Play Store in accordance with customer’s smartphone system operation. 

You can enjoy various of banking services like fund transfer, payment, purchase, balance check as well as make use of Danamon’s unique features like D-Cash – cash withdrawal without debit card and Ponsel D-Cash – give money to a friend through their phone number so they could withdraw cash without debit card on Danamon ATM with D-Cash logo.

How to activate: It is so easy – besides downloading – you can also activate your account directly without having to go to the branch with activation menu through your smartphone. 

SMS Banking *141*12#SMS Banking Service that gives you convenience in making a transaction without depending on the internet connection; just by accessing *141*12# with any type of phone (not limited to smartphone). 

Superior feature in favorite menu will save the transaction data that you usually made automatically, will it be transfer, purchase or payment transaction, so that your transaction process can be done faster and easier. Besides that, you can make a D-Cash reservation (cash withdrawal without debit card service) so that you can make it in Danamon’s ATM with D-Cash logo.

ATM & CDM - Banking service with various feature inside including cash withdrawal service. Danamon has more than 1300 ATM and supported by tens of thousands ATM local and internation that merged in the connection of ATM Bersama, ALTO, PRIMA, Visa and Mastercard.