Debt Securities

We provide investment products in the form of bonds where returns are obtained regularly on each coupon payment period.

  • Government Bonds

Long-term debt issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to Bondholders in return for interest. The term of the bonds depends on each Bond Series issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. 


  1. Payment of coupons regularly until the due date
  2. Guaranteed by laws, and funds are provided in the state budget every year.
  3. Transparency of bond price information makes it easier for customers to monitor the development of his investment.
  4. Customers can redeem their bonds at any time according to market conditions, making it easier for investors to manage their cash.
  5. Available in IDR and USD.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bank Danamon Customer.
  2. Direct transactions at the Branch or Treasury or other media determined by Bank Danamon.
  3. The Customer passes the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Customer Suitability processes.
  4. The Customer submits all documents required by the Bank for this product.


  • Stamp Fee
  • Securities Storage Fee