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Primary Features of the Danamon QR Merchant Service

Danamon QR is a digital payment method through scanning of a QRIS-compliant QR Code. To access the Danamon QR application, which is compatible only for smartphones using the Android operating system, enter the Merchant ID (10 digits) and corresponding PIN (6 digits), sent via SMS.

With this application, Danamon QR Merchants can easily:

  1. Monitor incoming QR transactions in real time with the push notification feature
  2. Check the number of daily transactions through the transaction history feature.
  3. Generate Dynamic QR through the added transaction feature.
  4. Change PIN through the Change PIN feature in the Settings Menu.
  5. Retrieve or regain access in case of forgotten PIN through the app’s Forgot PIN by entering your 10-digit Merchant ID or User ID and then one-time password (OTP), received via SMS.

Benefits of the Danamon QR Merchant Service

Aside from being able to accept QR code payments from all types of applications including OVO, GoPay, Dana, LinkAja, and other similar QRIS-compliant payment sources, Danamon QR Merchants can avail of other benefits such as:

1. real time transaction notifications;

2. practical process for transaction settlements; and

3. easy monitoring and management of cash flow.


Danamon QR Merchant Service Fees

Before being credited to the registered account, all merchant transactions will undergo the regulated Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) fee per transaction process. The schemes and fees for processing QRIS transactions for the Merchant Presented Mode mechanism are as follows:

Merchant Type




Micro-scale Enterprise (UMI)


Small-scale Enterprise (UKE), Medium-scale Enterprise (UME), and Large-scale Enterprise (UBE)





Gasoline stations (Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar untuk Umum/SPBU)


Government to People(G2P) like social assistance,People to Government(P2G) like tax, passport and social donation (nirlaba) services


*The amount of MDR can change any time in accordance with regulator provisions

Danamon QR Merchant Service requirements and procedures


Terms and Procedures for Danamon QR Merchant Service

  1. Terms of Danamon QR Merchant Registration

Categories of Customers who can register as a Danamon QR Service Merchant:

1. New or existing customers.

2. A customer whose business provides goods or services, a place of worship, or an institution/organization accepting donations.

3. Customers who have savings and checking accounts in Rupiah denomination and cannot use such accounts in foreign currencies.

4. Individual, corporate or community customers.

5. Customers who have savings and checking accounts with 'AND'/'OR' joint account status.

  1. Danamon QR Merchant Registration Terms

Currently, Danamon QR Merchant registration can only be done through Bank Danamon branches with the following considerations:

1. Customer must first accomplish and sign a form after reading, understanding, accepting and signing the General Terms and Conditions to register his/her business as a Bank Danamon Merchant (Merchant).

2. Attach a photocopy of personal data (e-KTP), NPWP (optional for Merchants with personal business registration), additional information and/or related documents.

3. Bank Danamon will evaluate according to its own set of criteria prior to approval of the registration application for Danamon QR Merchant Services. This includes possible rejection of the application if the Merchant representative applying for registration is black-listed by authorized agencies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4. Upon approval of the QR Merchant registration, the Customer will receive a log in Merchant ID and PIN for the Danamon QR application. These will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number.

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