Danamon Business Financing


As one of the Trusted Banks in Indonesia, Bank Danamon supports the entrepreneurs to obtain capital financing to help your business. By utilizing financing from Bank Danamon, you can apply for a loan to develop or expand your business. Bank Danamon provides a variety of business financing products that can be tailored to yours needs, such as:

Danamon Solusi UKM

Danamon Solusi UKM is a financing solution from PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This solution is designed and intended specifically to help grow a business, because we believe every business must have the potential to be greater.

Danamon American Express® Corporate Card

Danamon American Express® Corporate Card provides complete solutions specifically designed for the needs of companies of various scales. So take control of company expenses and maximize savings for your company.

Financial Institution

Financial Institutions (FIs) provide banking services to the banks, securities companies, Investment Managers, pension funds, insurance companies, non-government institutions, and other non-bank financial institutions. Cash management, trade services, custodies, treasury and credit products, are the products of Financial Institutions that play an important role in increasing wholesale and professional funding for Danamon.