Vision, Mission & Corporate Values


We Care and Enable Millions to Prosper. Danamon believes that its purpose is to care for others: its customers, employees, and society at large, enabling them to thrive, grow, and achieve prosperity


Danamon seeks to realize its vision through its three missions, namely: Danamon aims to become "Indonesia's Leading Financial Institution" with a respected presence. 

  • Danamon believes that its strength in financial intermediation in the economy makes it a catalyst for wealth creation and prosperity.
  • To optimize its role in the economy, it is imperative for Danamon to have a good reputation and lead among other financial institutions, as:
    1. A business partner to its customers and
    2. A contributing and caring member of society.

A customer-centric organization that serves all segments by offering unique value to each, based on sales and service excellence, and supported by world-class technology.

  • In carrying out its roles, Danamon strives to understand what each customer needs and responds accordingly.
  • Danamon provides solutions to each need, uniquely, that no other financial institution in the industry provides and does so based on knowledge from research and technology.
  • In doing so, Danamon focuses on service processes that apply technology with care and responsibility.
  • It is important for Danamon employees to satisfy their customers and act honorably in providing services that will be valued by society at large.
  • Positive employee attitudes such as the following are required:
    1. Adaptable, open and continuously learning to respond to change.
    2. Understand and focus on personal and human development.

Our aspiration is to be the employer of choice and one that is respected by our customers, employees, shareholders, regulators and the communities in which we operate.

  • Danamon invests in building a culture that is conducive to achieving its goals.
  • Danamon builds collaborations with its stakeholders, both within and outside its neighborhood, to create contributions that benefit their recipients, in places where they are most needed.

Corporate Values 

As a guide to behaving and performing every task and responsibility, corporate values must be implemented by all employees, members of the management, Board of Director, and Board of Commissioners of Bank Danamon.

Along with the dynamic development and changes in business, Danamon has redefined its corporate values to achieve objectives in line with the Bank’s vision and mission.

Bank Danamon’s corporate values are: Berkolaborasi (Collaboration), Integritas (Integrity), Sigap Melayani (Customer Centric), dan Adaptif (Adaptive), abbreviated as BISA.

BERKOLABORASI (Collaboration): Leveraging diversity as strength to achieve shared goals

INTEGRITAS (Integrity): Upholding consistently professionalism, openness, responsibility and ethics as performance governance

SIGAP MELAYANI (Customer Centric): Provide service excellence experience to all stakeholders with fast, spry and accurate

ADAPTIF (Adaptive): Keep develop and improve self-potential to become the best