Danamon Digital Onboarding

API Onboarding
API services for Danamon account establishment can be used through third party applications in the form of Financial Services Institutions and Non-Financial Services Institutions as the scope of cooperation in accordance with POJK No.12/POJK.03/2018, which has collaborated with Bank Danamon, where Prospective Customers as third party application users can open accounts easily and seamlessly.  

The account opening process (end-to-end) including the KYC process will be done digitally with Bank Danamon's video banking agents who will be available from 08:00 - 21:00, 7 days a week. 

Onboarding process through Third Party/Partner application    


  1. Prospective Customers will fill in the data required for the account opening process through a third party application which will then be sent to Danamon as specified in Danamon's Onboarding API.   
  2. The verification and validation process of prospective customers will be carried out by Danamon after which customers can proceed to the account creation process.  
  3. The customer will receive a notification via email after the customer's account has been successfully created from the Danamon side.  
  4. Danamon Debit/ATM Card delivery to the customer's address will be done after the account has been successfully processed.  

Referral Fee  

Partners will receive an incentive for every account opening through partner application according to mutual agreement with Bank Danamon Indonesia. 


Join Bank Danamon's Digital Onboarding by sending an email to digital.strategicpartnership@danamon.co.id     

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