Danamon Cash Connect



Our advance product designed for you is Danamon Cash Connect, our new version of internet banking facility to support your business. With Danamon Cash Connect, you are free to carry out various banking transactions directly from the comfort of your office. It uses a PC/ Smart Phone connected through the internet. You have the flexibility to give instructions for numerous banking transactions on a real-time, on-line basis, with no constrain of time or place.
Mobile Application version with preferred features are also available for Android and iOS users for your easy access.
A service for monitoring balance and transaction history of registered accounts.
1. Balance Inquiry
Facility for downloading Available Balance from all accounts (Saving, Current, Time Deposit and Loan) including details of each account. With this facility, you can get the up-to-date account balance information.
2. Transaction Inquiry
Facility for monitoring your daily transaction activities, up to the last 90 days.
3. Statement inquiry
Facility for monitoring and/or downloading your monthly statement. You have the convenience of getting transactional history without waiting for the physical delivery from the bank.
A service for conducting on-line collection process by debiting fund from several accounts simultaneously (applicable only to Bank Danamon accounts).
A facility for debiting several accounts simultaneously by uploading data of accounts to be debited into Danamon Cash Connect system. These accounts must already be registered in Danamon Cash Connect.
A service for conducting on-line or batch (scheduler) payment or fund transfer between accounts in Bank Danamon as well as accounts in other banks.
1. Fund Transfer
a. Fund Transfer to Own Account
Fund transfer between your own accounts registered in Danamon Cash Connect in IDR and other Foreign Currency with competitive exchange rate.
b. Fund Transfer to Other Danamon Account
Fund transfer to your business partner’s account in Bank Danamon.
c. Fund Transfer to Domestic Bank
Fund transfer in IDR to account in other bank through SKN or RTGS.
d. Outgoing Transfer Foreign Currency
Fund transfer in Foreign Currency to account in other banks with competitive exchange rate.
e. Transfer List/ Template
Menu to register the frequently used destination account/ transaction to make the transaction easier.
f. Custom Advice
Transaction advice which can be printed or sent to beneficiary, and can be personalized.
2. Payroll
A facility for paying employee’s salary through the process of uploading employee’s data according to a standard format.
3. Auto Credit
A facility to credit fund to several account’s simultaneously using One-to-Many or Many-to-Many (OLE) method, by uploading transactions data according to a standard format into Danamon Cash Connect system.
 a. Auto Credit
A facility to credit fund to several accounts in Bank Danamon simultaneously in one transaction (file).
b. Auto Credit SKN
A facility to credit fund to several accounts in other bank simultaneously in one transaction (file) through SKN (National Clearing System).
c. Auto Credit RTGS
A facility to credit fund to several accounts in other bank simultaneously in one transaction (file) through RTGS.
d. Outgoing Transfer FCY
A facility to credit fund to several FCY accounts (same currency) in other bank simultaneously in one transaction (file) through TT (Telegraphic Transfer/Remittance).
4. e-Tax Payment
A facility to create ID Billing and process tax payment in real time process.
a. One to one
Tax payment data is input and processed one by one.
b. Bulk
Several tax payments data are input and processed simultaneously in one transaction (file), by uploading the data according to a standard format into Danamon Cash Connect system.
A service for maintaining your company’s liquidity while generating better return through several mechanisms that automate a series of schedules fund transfers among several accounts.
This service is applicable for accounts that are already registered in Danamon Cash Connect, denominated in a same currency.
1. Cash Pooling
A facility for concentrating excess fund from several accounts (Sub Accounts) into one account (Main Account). This is normally done in order to manage liquidity and get a higher return.
2. Cash Distribution
A facility for transferring fund from one account (Main Account) to several other accounts (Sub Accounts), which are typically used for company’s daily operational activities.
3. Range Balance Account
A facility for maintaining the balance of certain accounts within a specified minimum and maximum range. The deficit/surplus from each account shall be taken from/transferred into one account (Main Account).
Danamon Cash Connect menu as an alternative for Cheque/Bilyet Giro book order and to smoothen the reconciliation process of the issued cheque/Bilyet Giro.
1. Cheque Book Order
Function to order Cheque/Bilyet Giro book and the flexibilities in pick it up at the nearby Danamon branch.
2. Cheque Reconciliation
Function to reconcile all the outstanding Cheque/Bilyet Giro for better monitoring and cash flow management
To increase competitive advantage in the banking world, Bank Danamon develops strategic and effective solution that can meet the needs of consumers, especially supply chain financing.
As one of the national private banks that focus on supply chain financing solution, Bank Danamon re-launches Financial Supply Chain module within Cash Connect packed with additional features and improved user experience.
FSC online within Cash Connect is Bank Danamon’s end–to-end solution with advanced features. It is designed to support and enhance the business capacity of an ecosystem which consists of Principals, Distributors, and Suppliers.
Benefits of FSC module for supply chain ecosystem are as follows:
1. For Principals
  • Enjoy guarantee payment on maturity date
  •  Shift billing and administrative functions to FSC module
  • Able to control and monitor FSC transactions, including to download report showing status of each transaction
  • Able to focus on increasing sales capacity
2. For Distributors
  • Simple credit process
  •  Enjoy flexbile of payment
  • Enjoy additional terms of payment with credit facilities provided by the bank
  • Enjoy a more competitive collateral requirement
  • Able to focus on core business
3. For Suppliers
  • Simple credit process
  • Enjoy guarantee payment on maturity date
This program offers financing solution to Distributor of Principal with a simple credit process, lenient collateral and supported by FSC module within Cash Connect. The credit facility granted to Distributor is a credit facility that is reserved solely for business transactions with the related Principal (close loop facility).
This program offers financing to Suppliers who have commercial agreement with the Principal, whereby the Principal has a partnership with Bank Danamon. The main advantage of this program is that Suppliers get guarantee payment on maturity date.
This program is a continuation to the Distributor Financing Program, whereby Distributors with good quality payment history and obtain recommendations from the Principal may have the opportunity to enjoy temporary increase in facility limit during seasonal period. The purpose of this program is to support the increase in sales of Distributor during the seasonal period.
Through Danamon Cash Connect, you can obtain information on Bank Danamon’s products and services:
1. Interest Rate*
Information on product’s interest rate (Time Deposit, Savings, Checking, etc).
2. Exchange Rate*
Information of foreign currency exchange rate against Rupiah (Bank Notes and TT).
3. Transaction History
Record of all activities conducted through Danamon Cash Connect, including successful transactions and user activities. This facility can be used as company’s audit-trail.
*Information on Interest Rate and Exchange Rate in Danamon Cash Connect is only indicative from the actual quotation or rates and Bank Danamon preserves the right to change the rates at any time without prior notice.
In today’s electronically-interconnected world, security is an absolute necessity. Danamon Cash Connect developed by highest internet securities industry standard to identify website and protected by state of the art encryption technology. Moreover, users in your company will have Password to login and Security Tokens for transaction authorization as 2FA (2 Factor of Authentication). There are 2 types of Token you can choose, Hard Token or Mobile Token.
We recognize that every organization is unique. Therefore, we provide a system flexible enough to accommodate particular requirements of your company. You can structure your group of accounts, workflow, internal users along with their access rights, approval matrix, and transaction limits according to your own specific needs.