Giro BISA iB - Sharia

BISA iB Current Account is a current account product adapting sharia principal of Modaraba (Profit Sharing) contract as a transactional solution. Product’s time period will be ended when the Customer closes the account. The product is included in funding product.



  • Free monthly administration fee;
  • Free transfer fee to another bank, clearing and/or RTGS; free deposit letter fee (clearing); free letter (check or transfer form) with following detail information:


Average Balance Range (Rupiah)

Customer’s Right to Free Transaction Banking (Monthly)

Clearing Deposit Maximum*1

National Clearing Transfer Maximum*2

RTGS Transfer Maximum*2

Checkbook / BG Request Maximum*2

0 – 50 million


3 time(s)

1 time(s)


> 50 million – 500 million


5 time(s)

5 time(s)


> 500 million – 2 billion


30 time(s)

20 time(s)

1 book(s)

> 2 billion – 5 billion


30 time(s)

30 time(s)

2 book(s)

> 5 billion


60 time(s)

60 time(s)

3 book(s)

  1. Free clearing fee*1 transaction will be automatically completed by the Bank (if the average balance conditioned is present);
  2. Free national clearing, RTGS, Checkbook/BG*2 will be refunded on the next month after the transactional month (if the average balance conditioned is present). The fees waived/refund will be given based on previous month average balance so that for the newly opened account, benefit refund will be received on the 2nd (second) month.
  3. The fees waived/refund is the fee that debited from BISA iB Current Account (not cash).
  4. The fees waived/refund is only applied to the Single Transaction fee, not for Bulk Transaction. The fees waived/refund is also not applied to collection and intercity clearing.

  •  Tiering Profit Sharing
  • Average Balance (Rp)


    Equivalent Rate Indication*

    0 – 50 million



    >50 – 500 million



    >500 - 2 billion



    >2 – 5 billion



    >5 billion





*Equivalent Rate Indication is taken from the Customer Nisbah times Gross Profit Distribution (GPD) in the current month and is not fixed.


The risk that coming with BISA iB Current Account is the fee and nisbah fluctuations that can be done anytime by the Bank and will be informed through branches, website or other media that is considered feasible by the Bank.


Requirements and Procedures

  • Showing authentic valid ID (ID card/driving license/passport);
  • Showing an authentic and a copy of SIUP/NPWP/TDP/Business Certificate/other documents (for non-individual);
  • Completing account opening form.

If there is any complain or unclear information, please call Hello Danamon at 1-500-900 or visit the nearest branch.


BISA iB Current Account


Initial Deposit

Rp 1.000.000

Minimum Hold Amount

Rp 50.000

Minimum Balance Maintained

≤ Rp 500.000



Monthly account administration


Checkbook/BG (if the average balance conditioned is not present)

Rp 125.000

Under minimum balance maintained fee

Rp 25.000

Print Statement
a. Current month to 2 months (per sheet)
b. More than 2 months (per sheet)


Rp 5.000

Rp 10.000



Example of Customer’s Right to Free Banking Transaction:
Customer A has an average balance of the first month for Rp 2 billion and performs transaction in current month, as follows:


National Clearing Deposit


10 x

Clearing Transfer


40 x

RTGS Transfer


10 x

Checkbook request


2 x


What are the benefits for the customers?

1. Customer A will receive profit share of the deposit, with the following details:

Nisbah tiering follows mentioned rule table with profit share formula based on average balance on the first month:

Average Balance X Equivalent Rate Indication X 30 (days for a month)/365; with the details:

Balance on Rp 0 – 50 M


50.000.000 x 0.5% x 30/365



Balance on Rp 50 – 500 M


450.000.000 x 1.5% x 30/365



Balance on Rp 500 M – 2 B


1.500.000.000 x 2.0% x 30/365



Profit Share Total





Profit share that received by Customer A before tax is Rp 3.041.096.


2. Customer A will receive refund of banking transaction that has been done on the first month:

a) National Clearing Transfer


30 X Rp. 6.000



b) RTGS Transfer


10 X Rp. 25.000



c) Checkbook Request


1 X Rp. 125.000



Total Refund











For free clearing will not be applied on the first month. Thus, the total benefit that Customer A received as profit share and transaction refund is Rp 3.041.096 + 585.000 = Rp 3.626.096 and will be received/credited to customer’s account on the next month.