Tabungan Danamon LEBIH iB

Danamon LEBIH iB recognizes the value of your efforts, and appreciates every rupiah earned and all the things that matter to you. Now, you have the opportunity to take control by enjoying all the features of Danamon LEBIH iB.

Benefits of Danamon LEBIH iB Savings

  1. No Admin Fee (free administration)
    Customers avail of free monthly administration (no fees/penalties) if the average account balance amounts to over IDR 1 million.
  2. No Transaction Fees (free transaction) for Checking Balance, Cash Withdrawals and Online Transfers
    For maintained account balance of over IDR 1 million (prior to transaction), customers will not be charged when checking balance, cash withdrawals, and online transfers using ATM Bersama, PRIMA or ALTO ATM networks up to a maximum of 10 times per month for each transaction.
  3. More Affordable Transfers
    More affordable RTGS transfer fees through Danamon Online Banking.
  4. Most up-to-date Transaction Features
    Customers enjoy convenient transactions anytime and anywhere using the most up-to-date service features, such as mobile banking facility (D-Bank), Internet Banking (Danamon Online Banking), Danamon SMS, ATM and Hello Danamon.

Profit Share Contract (Mudharabah)
Danamon Lebih iB Savings Profit Share Ratio effective 1 May 2020:

Average Monthly Balance Tier 

Top Profit Share Ratio
Bank Income/Profit Sharing Ratio (%)

Profit Share Ratio received
Customer/Indicative Rate (%)

< IDR 500.000



> IDR 500.000 < IDR 50 million



> IDR 50 million




Initial Deposit

: Rp250.000

Minimum balance on hold

: Rp50.000

Account Closure Fee

: Rp50.000

Minimum maintaining balance for free administration

: Rp1.000.000

Administration fee for below minimum balance

: Rp15.000

Minimum maintaining balance (dormant account)

: Rp1.000.000

Dormant account administration fee

: Rp20.000

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