Tabungan Danamon Save iB

As one of the Rupiah (Rp) savings accounts, the Danamon Save iB Savings follows the sharia principle of mudharabah (profit sharing agreement) issued by the Sharia Business Unit - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Bank Danamon”). Individual customers experience convenient transactions using this specially designed savings account.


With the Danamon Save iB Savings Account, you can manage your finances for various transactions, including monthly expenses and other planned long-term needs.

Danamon Save iB offers various advantages, such as:

  1. Effortless account opening requirements
  2. No monthly administration fees (free administration)
  3. Free-of-charge cash withdrawals, checking of balance and online transfers via ATM PRIMA/ATM Bersama/ALTO networks, without any minimum balance requirement, for a maximum of 10 transactions per month
  4. No need to physically open the account. Open a Danamon Save iB savings account anytime and anywhere via D-Bank mobile banking application.
  5. Avail of the most-up-to-date transaction features through Danamon Internet Banking: Danamon Online Banking and D-BANK application.

Product features and benefits



Danamon Save iB

Minimum Initial Deposit

Rp 0

Balance on hold

Rp 0

Minimum balance

Rp 0

Minimum balance to avail of profit share

Rp 500.000

Monthly administration fee


Account closure fee


Branch transactions

Yes, just like other types of savings account

Penalty/Administration fee for below minimum balance

Rp 0

Penalty/administration fee for dormant minimum balance

Rp 0

Dormant account penalty/administration fee

Rp 0

Method of reporting


Special Features:

Danamon Save iB

Agreement: Mudharabah


D’Save iB

Nisbah (%)

Indikasi Rate (%)*

All amount




*Indicative Rate is the product of the ratio with Gross Profit Distribution (GPD) or the bank's income in the current month..

GPD, which depends on bank performance, is subject to change and not fixed.


-Minimum maintaining balance (free of administration fees): none
- Administration fee for below minimum balance: none
- Minimum maintaining balance (dormant account): none
- Dormant account administration fee: none



  • Profit share will be paid at the beginning of the following month.
  • Profit share may change any time, according to Bank Danamon's policies. Customers will receive prior notification. 

All transaction fees incurred will be directly debited from the customer's account at the time of transaction or every month depending on the method of each product/service.



Tutorial for Opening Danamon Save iB

For more information about the Danamon Save iB Savings account, click here.