Sharia - Tabungan Bisa Qurban iB

BISA Qurban iB Savings is a planned saving in Sharia fundament of profit sharing (Modaraba) in Rupiah currency which is provided to fulfil your holy intention in preparing Qurban fund. The Fund will be debited every month by auto debit process from a source account to BISA Qurban iB Savings with deposit amount and period of your own necessity.





Profit Sharing (Nisbah)

20% (Eq. Rate 2% p.a)


3 – 24months

Initial Deposit

IDR 50.000

Minimum Monthly Deposit

IDR 150.000

Withdrawal Funds Before Maturity/ Period

Funds cannot be withdrawn partially or fully before the tenor or target fund is fulfilled, except for closing the account with an administrative fee for closing accounts IDR 50,000



Monthly Administration Fee


Failure Debit Fee


Account Closing Before the Due Date Fee

IDR 50.000

*Fees may change any time as set by the bank.


  1. AFFORDABLE, initial deposit is only IDR 50.000 and the monthly deposit minimum is IDR 150.000
  2. EASY, monthly deposit is automatically debited from Source Account to BISA Qurban iB Savings;
  3. FREE, adjust your saving tenure and monthly deposit;
  4. COMFORTABLE, cooperated with Qurban organizing foundation (Dompet Duafa and Al Azhar Peduli Umat)


  1. Cooperating with Qurban organizing foundation partner for purchasing, distributing and other technical things of Qurban livestock.
  2. You may choose the following Qurban purchasing and distribution mechanism :
    • Qurban Livestock purchasing by Qurban organizing foundation partner and sending it to your address/chosen area according to the area reach of the partner (**)
    • Qurban is distributed to the third party (***)
    • Self-Qurban 

*) LAZ Al Azhar

**)  LAZ Al Azhar and Dompet Dhuafa


  1. Account opening can be performed in the nearest Sharia branches/services of Bank Danamon Indonesia.
  2. The Customer should have Danamon account as a source account for BISA Umrah iB Savings and BISA Qurban iB Savings.


  1. Indonesian Citizen : ID card/student card
  2. Foreign Citizen : passport/KITAS/KITAP

BISA Umrah iB Savings is only for Indonesian Citizen.

Product validity period will be ended when the customer closes the account or the Bank closing the product or when the due date of BISA Umrah iB or BISA Qurbani B Savings.


The risks that may come with Danamon Sharia Savings are:

  1. Feature and product fee may change any time according to the regulation applied by the Bank and will be informed on a proper media.
  2. For BISA Umrah iB Savings and BISA Qurban iB Savings:
    • When the balance amount is insufficient or unavailable on the debit instructed date, then it will be debited on the next day.
    • If the Customer fails to pay for 3 consecutive months, then the account will be closed automatically and the fund will be credited to the source account.

Only for BISA Umrah iB Savings, the Customer is not entitled to insurance protection benefit when the saving is closed before the due date or when the saving is failed to debit.