Qurban Praktis Bersama LAZ Al-Azhar

Terms and Conditions 

  1. By accomplishing the form, the registrant automatically agrees to be contacted by Bank Danamon concerning the BISA Qurban iB Savings offer.
  2. An account can be opened at the nearest Bank Danamon Indonesia Sharia/Sharia service branch.
  3. The product validity period will be automatically terminated once the customer or Bank closes the product, or when the BISA Qurban iB Savings account expires.
  4. Product features and costs may change any time according to the policies set by the Bank. Such changes will be informed through the Bank’s appropriate media channels.
  5. If funds are unavailable/insufficient on the precise date of monthly debit instruction, then it will be debited on the following day.
  6. If the customer fails to debit for 3 (three) consecutive months, the account will be closed automatically while the funds will be credited to the source account.


Mechanism for Purchasing and Distribution of Qurban

The Bank's partner Qurban organizing institution purchases the ritual animals for sacrifice (Qurban) which will then be distributed nationally according to the scope of the partner's delivery area.


Types of Qurban Package Services

The Qurban Distribusi Nasional (National Qurban Distribution), handles services wherein sacrificial animals are distributed to those who are eligible throughout Indonesia (according to Al-Azhar’s coverage area).


Price of Sacrificial Animal Packages in 2023 (1444 H)


Type of Animal

Animal Weight

Unit Price

Package promo price

10 units (Discount 2.5%)


Goat / Lamb

20-24 kg



25-30 kg



31-35 kg




Male Crossbreed Cattle (PO), Kupang, Bali

220-250 kg



300-330 kg