Proteksi Prima Masa Depan Insurance

Stability Reflects Family Aspirations

Definitely, families need to have a solid plan to safeguard their stability and those of their future generation. A prime protection plan helps realize this aspiration and guarantees a secure and stable future for the family. Prime protection is designed to consistently maintain the quality of life for families and their lineage. 

To support stability of families and their future generation, Manulife Indonesia and Danamon collaborated to provide Proteksi Prima Masa Depan (PPMD), a life insurance plan offering long-term protection benefits for future funds with Pillar 3A advantages.

Andal (Reliable)

• Protection starts from the age of 30 days

• Guaranteed Issuance Offer until age of 70*

• Total of up to 600% future funds in the form of annual cash payment benefits and end of coverage benefits

Adil (Fair)

• Annual cash payment benefits start from the 10th year until the end of coverage period

• Period of coverage until the 50th year of the policy

Andil (Equitable)

• Multi Generation, the policy applies to the next generation**

• Additional cash benefit of up to 1500%*** future funds upon end of coverage period

*In accordance with applicable terms and conditions

**Maximum of 3 changes to the insured/policyholder during the insurance period

***Using moderate rate of return scenario for Rupiah currency


7 Benefits of Proteksi Prima Masa Depan 

1. 10% future funds - annual cash payment benefit for policy years 10-29

2. 15% future funds - annual cash payment benefit for policy years 30-49

3. 100% from future funds - end of coverage benefit

4. Additional cash benefit upon end of coverage*

5. Premium Return Benefit - 104% from paid Basic Premium Insurance. Valid for Premiums with 2-year and 5-year payment periods. The coverage ends upon full payment of the Premium Return Benefit.

6. Premium Exemption Benefit - Valid for Premiums with 2-year and 5-year payment periods

7. Accidental Death Benefits

• One-time Premium: total premium paid

• 5-Year Premium payment period: 5x annual premium**

• 2-Year Premium payment period: 2x annual premium**

• The death benefit, due to an accident, is only valid once during the entire coverage period, provided that the insured age is not more than 80 years old



* Additional cash benefits are not guaranteed and subject to applicable Indonesia tax regulations

** Calculation of the death benefit, due to accident, relies on Manulife Indonesia Annual Premium calculations even if premium payments are made monthly, quarterly or

semestral (6 months).



1. The marketing for Proteksi Prima Masa Depan (PPMD), which is an insurance policy from PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (“Manulife Indonesia”), is done in collaboration with PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk (“Bank Danamon”). PPMD is not a Bank Danamon savings product and cannot be considered as third-party deposit at Bank Danamon.

2. The customer’s paid premium includes fees covering administration, insurance and marketing, as well as bank commission.

3. For comprehensive details of the benefits and charges, refer to the general and special provisions of Proteksi Prima Masa Depan.

4. Bank Danamon is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by Manulife Indonesia in relation to Proteksi Prima Masa Depan (PPMD). Information contained in this website is subject to the provisions stated in the general and special provisions of the Proteksi Prima Masa Depan Policy. Product features listed on this website are based on information from Manulife Indonesia.

5. The use of Bank Danamon logo, based upon the approval of Bank Danamon, merely intends to signify the partnership between Bank Danamon and Manulife Indonesia. Bank Danamon is neither an agent of Manulife Indonesia nor a broker of Bank Danamon customers.

6. Operational Risk: A risk caused by the ineffectiveness or failure of internal processes, people and systems, as well as by external events.

7. You can submit a claim through the nearest Manulife Indonesia marketing office by filling up a claim form and attaching required supporting documents in accordance with the policy provisions. Manulife Indonesia will process the claim by referring to the general terms and specific policy conditions, including but not limited to policy exclusions and claim settlement period.

8. Marketers who offer and sell these products are registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) or relevant authorities.

9. PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). For complete information about Manulife Indonesia, follow the links on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or visit

10. For customer complaint services, please contact the Manulife Customer Contact Center:

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