Proteksi Prima Rencana Utama

Prime Protection Grand Plan is an exclusive life insurance product that has an investment element with regular premium payments, which offers optimal investment benefits accompanied by life insurance protection up to the age of 99 years. This product is a comprehensive package for the protection and continuity of your and your family's well-being because it is also equipped with a variety of Additional Insurance, End of Coverage Benefits and Loyalty Benefits.

The following are the benefits of Prime Protection Primary Protection Insurance products that you can enjoy:

  1. Large nominal sum insured, minimum 3 billion / USD 300 thousand
  2. The acquisition fee is only charged in the first year of 20% of the annual premium
  3. Providing loyalty benefits up to a maximum of 20% of the annual premium, which will be given from the 6th policy year until the 10th policy year
  4. Provides an additional investment benefit of 2% of the annual premium to be provided starting from the 11th policy year onwards
  5. Provides flexibility in choosing investment funds and how to pay according to your wishes
  6. Provide the final benefit period of coverage in the form of Policy Value (if any) along with the results of its development (if any)
  7. Provide Mi-Assist International Priority Services that can help you in emergencies around the world
  8. Provides 3 additional insurance options that you can choose as needed, namely:
    • benefits of protection against early and advanced critical illness
    • protection benefits for medical costs of hospital treatment at home and abroad according to the bill
    • basic premium waiver if the Insured is diagnosed with one of 51 critical illnesses