Typhoid Micro Insurance

Bank Danamon collaborates with PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia, Tbk in offering “Typhoid Micro Insurance”. Typhoid Micro Insurance PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia, Tbk is an insurance product which provides compensation when you are hospitalized due to Typhoid in hospitals/clinics/community health centre which holds permit from authorized institution. Typhoid must be proven through the result of doctor’s diagnosis and laboratory check up result which shows widal test of minimum 1/640 or detection of Salmonella typhi in feces or Anti-Salmonella typhi lgM 6-10.


  1. Affordable premium.
  2. Insurance coverage is applicable throughout Indonesia.
  3. Quick and easy buying and claiming process.
  4. 24-hour Call Center


Benefit includes hospitalization compensation of Rp500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Rupiah) per day up to maximum Rp5,000,000.00 (five million Rupiah) with premium of Rp90,000.00 (ninety thousand Rupiah) for coverage period of 1 (one) year.

Product’s stipulations refer to Wording Policy of Typhoid Micro Insurance PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia, Tbk.