Asuransi Proteksi Prima Sehat Global


A good health is cheap if you have prepared and planned for it as early as possible. However, most people take this for granted and only start realizing how important it is only when it is already too late!

Are you familiar with the costs of hospital care?

Type of Hospital Care



Cancer (1)



Angioplasti (1)



Stroke (1)



Dialysis (2)



Daily Room Fee (3)



(1) Manulife Claim Data
(2) Monthly fee (source: Department of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, 2016 and The Strait Times 2014)
(3) Medistra Hospital and Raffles Hospital Singapore

With the increase of 9.1% in health costs in the world, you may be wondering, "If I already have health insurance, will the amount of benefits be enough to pay the costs for when I get sick?"

Understanding the concerns about potential hospital cost increases going forward, as well as preparing for the availability of costs when needed, Manulife Indonesia launches Global Healthy Prime Protection, a health product that provides reimbursement benefits for hospitalization up to 80 years, in accordance with the bill of the hospital where you are treated.


The Privileges of Proteksi Prima Sehat Global

1. Payment as per Bill

You do not have to worry about hospital bills anymore, because this product provides the benefit of payment according to the hospital bill with the annual limit in accordance with the selected plan.

2. Flexible

You have the freedom to choose one of the 4 provided plans which is adjustable to your family and your needs.

Cashless and reimbursement facility.



The Benefits of Proteksi Prima Sehat Global

Health protection until the Insured is 80 years old or until the Insured Child is 25 years old

Provide a room charge benefit of 3 times of the selected plan(1) if treated outside Indonesia and Malaysia (worldwide except United States).

5% premium deduction when you include your family members in this program(2) .

HIV/AIDS benefits(3) .

Payment as charged with yearly limit in accordance with selected plan

Provide double yearly limit if the Insured is contracted with critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiac arrest, kidney failure, or organ transplant.


The first in Indonesia that offers new benefits:

• Reconstruction surgery due to mastectomy or accidents
• Traditional Chinese Treatment (optional)
• Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Treatment (optional)


(1) Only for Diamond, Ruby or Emerald plan
(2) A minimum Insured of 3 people and discount applies for the whole paid Premium
(3) Due to occupation or blood transfusion


The Extra Benefits of Optional Proteksi Prima Sehat Global

Outpatient Benefits
• Consultation fee                               • Traditional Chinese Treatments
• Prescription drugs and consumable • Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Treatment
• Laboratory tests

Dental Treatment Benefits
• Prevention                           • Complex Dental Treatment
• Basic Dental Treatment       • Crown, Implant, and Prosthesis due to Accidents

Childbirth Benefits
• Normal Labor                              • Pregnancy Complications
• Normal Labor with Assistance    • Caesarean Section Delivery

Costs: Premiums paid by customers include Administration Fees, Insurance Fees, and Marketing Fees


Terms and Conditions of Proteksi Prima Sehat Global




Entry Age


The Main Insured and Partner

18 years

70 years

Child Insurance

6 months

17 years

Childbirth Benefits optional

20 years

43 years

Police Holder

18 years

Family Members That Can Be Borne

Partner (Husband/Wife), and Child of the Police Holder

Insurance Period

Yearly and can be renewed without risk re-selection until:

- The Insured/Partner is of 80 years of age

- Child insurance until 25 years of age

- Childbirth benefits until 45 years of age

Premium Payment Method


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