Kartu Kredit Danamon Classic and Gold

Danamon Classic & Gold Credit Cards are specifically presented for your convenience in making transactions and enjoying a modern lifestyle. Take advantage of Danamon's credit cards to meet various needs and life needs.

Use it for shopping transactions, monthly bills payments, funds transfers or cash withdrawals. We will always provide you with convenience, comfort and diverse attractive offers throughout the year.

The Benefits and Features of Classic & Gold Credit Cards:

1. 5% Cashback for Bill Payment

Enjoy 5% cashback for bill payments listed on your Danamon credit card.

Are you often late in paying monthly bills? Feeling dizzy with the amount of monthly bills you have to pay? Now don’t worry, you can register all your monthly bills, which will be directly debited to your credit card every month. Also enjoy 5% cashback from your Bill Payment every month, the terms and conditions with regard to this matters apply.

Type of Card



Cash Back Bill Payment


Maximum Limit of Cash Back/Month



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2. Family Pack

Danamon Family Pack is present complete with a family payment solution. The main advantages of Danamon Family Pack are as follows :

  • You are free to determine your own credit limit for each family member as needed.
  • Separate usage transaction details for each card.
  • Only one inexpensive annual fee for you and for a maximum of 4 family members.

3. Discount & Privileges

Enjoy a variety of a special offer every month in the form of discounted prices and/or special packages at selected shopping outlets, restaurant and hotel specifically for you.

4. My Own Installment

Convert your transaction into a fixed installment up to a 36-month tenor.

5. Cash Advance

You can do cash withdrawals using Danamon Credit Cards at all Danamon ATMs, ATMs with Visa/Plus or Mastercard/ Cirrus logos, as well as bank tellers that have a Visa or Mastercard logo on your credit card.

6. Mobile Reload

By registering for Mobile Reload, you can top up your mobile phone, and the credit will be charged directly to your Danamon Credit Card.

7. Credit Protection

By registering for Credit Protection, you can protect your credit card bills with a small premium.

8. Money Transfer

You can transfer funds from the Danamon credit card ceiling (limit) into a Danamon or other Bank savings account.

9. Program

Dapatkan cashback hingga Rp 1 juta di Program Onboarding Cashback, klik di sini

Submit your money transfer through DCard Mobile and get a special 0.75% flat rate for 6, 12 or 24 month tenor. Minimum transaction is IDR 1,000,000 and maximum transaction is IDR 50,000,000. Download DCard Mobile now and enjoy the ease of control of your Credit Card.

Information guide on Card usage are featured on e-guidebook click here.
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For more information, contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090. Information on Danamon Card tariff & fees click here