Mastercard Debit Card


Effective 3 September 2021, Bank Danamon will no longer accept magnetic stripe debit cards for transactions.

For convenience of future transactions, please replace your debit card at the nearest Danamon Branch before 3 September 2021.

  • Danamon Regular Debit Card
    Get a Danamon Regular Debit Card when you open a Danamon LEBIH savings account
  • Danamon Ultimate Debit Card
    Get a Danamon Ultimate Debit Card when you open a Fleximax savings account
  • Danamon Sharia Debit Card
    Get a Danamon Sharia Debit Card when you open a Sharia choice of savings account at Bank Danamon
  • Danamon Privilege Debit Card
    Danamon privilege customers avail of a Danamon Privilege Debit Card
  • Safer transactions

    The chip-based Danamon Debit Card uses EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) technology which generates a unique one-time use authorization code. Your debit card avoids the risk of fraud and becomes more difficult to counterfeit because the unique code is no longer valid for subsequent transactions.

  •  Maintain confidentiality of your information

    The microchip technology embedded in your Debit Card generates a unique code for each transaction. Unscrupulous merchants cannot store your card and account number nor make transactions using your card because every transaction requires your PIN verification.

  •  Earn D-Points for various transactions

    The microchip in your card can store D-Points information from every transaction. You can redeem your D-Points at participating merchants.

  •  Shop anytime, anywhere in the world

    Your chip-based Danamon Debit Card can be used anywhere for transactions with merchants bearing the Mastercard logo. For e-commerce, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping with the Mastercard SecureCode logo.

  • Convenient cashless shopping

    No need to carry large amounts of cash when shopping. Do all your transactions using the chip-based Danamon Debit Card.

You can get a chip-based Danamon Debit Card by opening a savings account at Bank Danamon. To replace your magnetic stripe Danamon Debit Card with the chip-based Danamon Debit Card FREE, visit the nearest Bank Danamon branch office and bring your identity card and old magnetic stripe Danamon Debit Card.

  1. Affix your signature on the chip-based Danamon Debit Card as soon as you receive it.

  2.  Keep your information confidential. Do not share your account and PIN numbers with others

  3. Make sure your Danamon Card is always with you. If you think you have lost your Danamon Card, call Hello Danamon 1-500-090 immediately.

  4. Check your account and bank statements regularly. Report any suspicious transactions immediately.