Information on Autodebit using Autopay Facility

With the Autopay/Auto debit method, your Danamon Card payment will automatically be debited directly from the Bank Danamon savings or current account that has been registered. 

Autopay/Auto debit registration, can be done by filling in the application for your Danamon Card or by signing a Statement and Authorization for Account Debiting at the nearest Bank Danamon branch office after you receive your Danamon Card.

For the Autopay/Auto debit process, make sure that the funds are available no later than 1 (one) Business Day prior to the card payment due date.

For cards registered using the Autopay/Auto debit facility, your account will be debited twice; 

  • The first attempt will be made on the due date, and 
  • The second attempt will be made 2 (two) working days after the due date (if the first attempt is not successful).

Please ensure that funds are available in your Danamon account before the debit due date.
For more information, contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090.