Contactless Debit/ATM Card

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of Debit Card/ATM transactions with contactless features by tapping your Danamon Mastercard Debit/ATM Card. The following are the conditions for contactless Debit/ATM Card:

  1. Explanation of Contactless Features
    Technology that allows Debit/ATM Cardholders to make transactions by simply pasting or tapping the Debit/ATM Card on an electronic data capture (EDC) machine that supports contactless transactions without using a 6-digit PIN. Transactions with the contactless feature can only use a Danamon Mastercard Debit Card that has a contactless logo Debit/ATM cards can still be used for:. 
    1. Transactions with dip (insert card) and 6-digit PIN input.
    2. Transactions at online merchants (debit online)
    3. Transactions at ATM and CDM machines.
  2. Requirements for Debit Card Contactless Ownership 
    Valid for customers who open a new account or replace a Debit/ATM Card at a branch because the card is lost, stolen, damaged, swallowed in an ATM machine, and expired.
  3. Benefits and Uses of a Contactless Debit/ATM Card
    1. Payment transactions at EDC machines quickly and easily without entering a 6-digit PIN up to IDR 1,000,000/transaction/day. If the transaction exceeds IDR 1,000,000/transaction/day, the Customer is required to use a 6-digit PIN.
    2. Guaranteed security with EMV chip technology that protects contactless Debit Card/ATM transaction data so that it is not easy to duplicate.
  4. How to make transactions using the contactless feature
    1. Payments are made at EDC machines that have a contactless logo. 
    2. Put your Debit/ATM Card on top of the EDC machine. Make sure you attach the card yourself and check the transaction amount again. 
    3. Your contactless Debit Card/ATM transaction was successful. 
  5. Other Information Regarding Contactless Debit/ATM Cards
    1. Avoid lending your contactless Debit/ATM Card to anyone.
    2. Protect contactless Debit Card/ATM personal data such as CVV/CVC card number data, and card expiration date. Never share personal card information with other people, including other parties who claim to be Bank Danamon.
    3. Make sure you attach your contactless Debit/ATM Card to the EDC machine yourself.
    4. If your contactless Debit/ATM Card is lost/stolen, immediately block the card through the D-Bank PRO application or call Hello Danamon at 1-500-090.
    5. Monitor your transaction movements regularly, if you see a transaction that is suspicious or you don't recognize, immediately contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090
  6. Difference between Contactless and Non-Contactless Card:

    *Contactless Debit/ATM card can still be used for transaction with dip

For contactless Debit/ATM Card terms and conditions, see the following link: klik di sini

For further explanation or information, you can contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090