Danamon American Express® Business Card

The Gold Business Card is designed to help you fulfill your small business goals. Feel the convenience of a range of exciting benefits with your Gold Business Card, inclusive a quick, flexible, and affordable credit for your business.

Features of The American Express® Gold Business Card Early Pay Cashback

Enjoy 1% Cashback every time you make full payment on your Gold Business Card within 7 days after the statement date. Maximum given cashback amount is IDR 200,000.

  1. Welcome Offer
    To welcome you, we give special privilege, 50% cashback for your accumulation transaction during the first 2 months of your Business Danamon American Express® Gold membership, with maximum cashback is IDR 500,000. This offer is valid until 31 December 2021. Click here for the Onboarding Cashback program.
  2. Interest As Low As 1.5%
    Interest will be charged on your Gold Business Card according to the outstanding billing. The more your outstanding billing presents, the less interest will be charged on your transaction.


    Outstanding Billing



    IDR 0 - IDR 5.000.000



    IDR 5.000.001 - IDR 10.000.000



    > IDR 10.000.000


    *Effective 21 November 2021, interest/month 1.65%
  3. Installment
    Enjoy up to 12 months installment for your transaction payment. For further information, please contact Danamon American Express Card Services at 1-500-090.
  4. Cash Advance
    You can also enjoy cash advance access at more than 1,000 Danamon ATMs across Indonesia and our networks worldwide.


  1. Age
    Basic Cardmember: 21 to 65 years old
    Supplementary Cardmember: 17 to 70 years old
  2. Income/Year
    Minimum Rp180.000.000
  3. Administrative Documents
    • Enclose a copy of ID Card (KTP/KIMS/KITAS) and Passport
    • Enclose a copy of other Credit Card
    • Enclose a copy of Tax ID (NPWP)
    • Enclose Salary Slip/Tax Report (SPT)/Salary Verification Letter from current working institution/company
    • All documents should be accurate/readable
  4. Tarifs and Fees of The American Express Gold Business Card


    The American Express Gold Business Card

    Annual Fee:

    Basic Card

    Supplementary Card

    IDR 500.000

    IDR 250.000

    Cash Advance

    5% of cash advance + IDR 5.000 per transaction

    Late Payment Fee

    3% of outstanding billing or maximum IDR 150.000

    Overlimit Fee

    IDR 100.000

    Printed Statement Fee

    IDR 9.000

Information guide on Card usage are featured on e-guidebook click here.
Information on Contactless Feature, click here.
Information on General Terms and Conditions click here.

For more information, contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090. Information on Danamon Card tariff & fees click here