E-Tax Payment

Bank Danamon provides convenience on tax payment through Danamon Cash Connect, with real-time online processing. The Customer will directly receive Bukti Penerimaan Negara (BPN).

The available payment methods:

  1. Single : Single transaction, by inputting transaction data on screen.
  2. Multi : Multi transactions which can be uploaded in a file.

Tax payment types that can be served are PPn, PPh, and PIB.


  1. Giving convenience on tax payment without visiting counter/branch.
  2. Giving convenience on ID Billing creation and tax payments, without login to DJP website to receive ID Billing (only for PPn PPh).
  3. Tax payment is done in real-time online through Danamon Cash Connect.


  1. The customer may avoid tax payment error risk by ensuring the inputted data is correct (especially on tax period, tax type and amount).
  2. The customer may avoid tax payment overdue by:
  • Ensuring that the customer has received (BuktiPenerimaan Negara/BPN).
  • Submitting receipt to tax office as quick as possible.


Registered on Danamon Cash Connect service in Premium Package.


For further information or customer service of Bank Danamon e-Tax service/transaction, the Customer may call Hello Danamon on 1-500-090.