Various foreign currencies transfer service to the various country in a quick and secured way.

  1. Fund transfer in various foreign currencies: AUD, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD, THB.
  2. Competitive exchange and transfer rate.
Prime Product 

An outgoing transfer in USD currency to the United States of America where the beneficiary is able to receive fund on a full amount with more affordable transfer rate (terms and condition apply).

Service Benefit :

  1. A certainty for the Beneficiary to receive money in USD currency in full amount.
  2. Full amount rate that more competitive compared with other banks and/or regular full amount rate.

Service Requirements :

  1. Only available for USD transfer transaction to the United States of America.
  2. Can only be done in Danamon branches.
  3. The Customer should confirm valid ACH Routing Number to the bank officer.

Service Fee :

  1. Source currency in USD: Eqv. USD 8 + USD 20.
  2. Source currency in Non-USD: Eqv. UDS 5 + USD 20.
  1. Individual Remittance is a foreign currency transfer in Yuan to China where the outgoing and the beneficiary is individual.
  2. Business Remittance is a foreign currency transfer in Yuan to China for completing trade where the beneficiary is business entity/company.
  3. Personal Business Remittance is a foreign currency transfer in Yuan to China for completing trade where the outgoing and the beneficiary are individuals.
  4. Yuan Remittance to Other Country is a foreign currency transfer in Yuan to other countries than China.

Service Fee

  • Full Amount
  1. Source currency in Yuan: Eqv. USD 8 + USD 25.
  2. Source currency in non-Yuan: Eqv. USD 5 + USD 25.
  • Non Full Amount (BEN)
    1. Source currency in Yuan: Eqv. USD 8.
    2. Source currency in Non-Yuan: Eqv. USD 5. 

Indonesian Rupiah and Thai Baht Local Currency Settlement Service (“IDR-THB LCS Service”) is a service offered by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk as an Appointed Cross Currency Dealer for Customers in facilitating bilateral transaction settlement using Rupiah and Bath as the currencies.

Benefits of IDR-THB LCS service:

  1. Encourage wider use of local currency.
  2. Bilateral trade transactions become faster, more efficient and cheaper.
  3. Lower hedging costs (Forward premiums are lower compared to Forward premiums to USD).
  4. THB liquidity is guaranteed because it is supported by an Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD) Bank in Thailand.
  5. Provide an alternative investment outside of USD (for Banks and exporters).




Standard Fee

Special Offer Free LCS Service Fee IDR-THB (Period 28 June - 31 December 2021)


Telex Fee

Rp. 75.000,- (seventy five thousand rupiah) per transaction.



Full Amount Fee (OUR)

Rp. 250.000,- (two hundred fifty thousand rupiah) per transaction.



Terms and Conditions of IDR-THB LCS Service:

  1. Customers who use the IDR-THB LCS Service must be subject to and be bound by the general terms and conditions of the Remittance service that applies to the  Bank.
  2. These IDR-THB LCS Terms and Conditions are an integral and inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions for Accounts and Banking Services. 
  3. Customers can use IDR-THB LCS Services through Bank Branches or Treasury Wholesale Sales/Relationships at the Bank (only for business Customers).
  4. IDR-THB LCS Service Mechanism
    1. The Customer is required to send the underlying transaction documents to the Bank on the Business Day prior to (a day before) the transaction date (underlying transaction documents are required for transactions above the equivalent of USD 100,000).
    2. The Bank will debit the funds from Customer's Current Account or Saving Account at the Bank on the transaction date. The funds will be received by the beneficiary on the same Business Day (if the execution instruction from the Customer is received by the Bank before 12.00 WIB on the day of the transaction execution.)
    3. The instruction of transaction execution given by the Customer is a correct and valid instruction as well as a Customer's approval for the transaction to be implemented, which has the same legal force as a written order signed by the Customer's authorized official and is legally binding as an evidence.
  5. The  Bank has the right to refuse to carry out the instructions of transaction execution given by the Customer if:
    1. The transaction instructions given by the Customer are not in accordance with the applicable transaction terms at the Bank and/or the prevailing laws and regulations; or
    2. There is a mismatch between underlying transaction documents and type of transaction, transaction nominal, transaction objective, transaction currency, and other matters accepted by the Bank. 
  6. For further enquires, Customers are free to contact:
    1. Hello Danamon 1-500-900 (GSM) or e-mail: or , or The nearest Danamon Branch, or
    2. The nearest Danamon Branch
    3. Relationship Manager or Treasury Sales in charge.

Procedures regarding Customer complaint services can be accessed through this site below:
For more information click here

Remittance API is a rupiah and foreign currency transfer service with near real-time, safe and competitive costs.


Service Fee


Danamon Cash Connect (DCC)


Full Amount: USD 5

Debit Currency


Transaction Currency


Credit Currency


Maximal amount

USD 100.000 per transaction

Transaction Cut Off Time

15.00 WIB

Credited Fund Time

Close to realtime

Underlying Document

Mandatory for Cross Currency equivalent   USD 25.000 per month

Transaction Purpose

Including import payments

Recipient Bank

Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri) - Thailand

For more detailed information about Remittance via API
Please contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or