Virtual Account

Virtual Account is a service to provide easy identification for every transaction in Customer business, where the Customer can determine for yourself 16 VA numbers that will be given to Customer’s client.


  1. Virtual Account data can be registered in advance or unregistered.
  2. Virtual Account data can be stored in the Customer's system or in the Bank's system.
  3. Payment can be made through all Danamon / Other Bank channels.
  4. The length of the Virtual Account number is 16 digits with the initial 4 digits of the number provided by the Bank & 12 digits that the Customer can use for the benefit of the Customer.
  5. There is a bill and nominal validation for the Virtual Account Closed / Full & Partial Payment type.
  6. There is an automatic payment notification if using Host to Host.
  7. Payments 7x24 hours following the terms of the payment channel.
  8. The payment amount follows the terms of the payment channel.



More detailed information about Virtual Account
Please contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or