Virtual Account

Bank Danamon introduced a service that can provide ease of identifying each incoming transaction to your account. For those of you who have businesses that regularly receive incoming payments from your customers/ clients and often find it difficult to identify the original sender of the funds, then the Bank Danamon Virtual Account will be the right solution for your problem. With the Bank Virtual Account, every transaction receipt that goes into your account, can didentfikasi quickly through the 16-digit number Virtual Account. Virtual Account Numbers made by the customer to give to your customers. 


  1. Reconciliation Makes it easy for customers to identify for receiving funds received.
  2. Flexible Customers can define their own numbers VA.
  3. Online Customers can instantly see mutations of same day transaction through cash@work. 
  4. Account Easy to implement, without opening a new account.
  5. Supported by a comprehensive channel RTGS/ SKN, transfer and cash deposit, ATM transfer (Danamon/ ATM Bersama/ Alto) and internet banking (danamononline and cash@work).


Customers/ Customers’ client can avoid the risk of errors by making sure that the beneficiary account number is as required and correct.


  1. Having an account at Bank Danamon.
  2. Fill out and sign the form “Formulir Aplikasi Layanan Virtual Account”.


For further information/ complaint over Bank Danamon Virtual Account transaction/ service, customer can email (24 hours) and (Office Hours) for further questions related to Danamon Virtual Account (VA).


All incurring fee will be direct debited from customer’s account.

  • Registration fee Rp 5.000.000.-
  • Transaction fee Rp 2,000 .-/ transaction


PT. ABC register for Virtual Account service in August and charged the registration fee of Rp. 5,000,000,- (five million rupiah) with direct debit from the registered account number.

Bank Danamon provides PT. ABC with Business Identification Number (BIN) numbered 7123. PT. ABC will provide a virtual account number for its clients, for example:

  • Customer A with a virtual account number 1111-1111-1111
  • Customer B with a virtual account number 1111-1111-1112
  • Customer C with a virtual account number 1111-1111-1113

Transaction will occur in the Branch/ ATM/ Internet Banking/ other media is as follows:

  • Customer A will make the transfer to the account of the Virtual Account by the destination number 7123-1111-1111-1111
  • Customer B will make the transfer to the account of the Virtual Account by the destination number 7123-1111-1111-1112
  • Customer C will make the transfer to the account of the Virtual Account by the destination number 7123-1111-1111-1113

In August, PT. ABC received 3 incoming transfer transactions from Customer A, Customer B and Customer C and charged Rp 2,000 per transaction and debited in September (the following month) from the registered account.