Dadi Budiana

Indonesian citizen. Domiciled in Indonesia. He was joined with Danamon in 2017 and was appointed as Director in March 20, 2018.

Qualifications/Education Background

Obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Binghamton University, USA.

Work Experience

Started his career as Management Trainee at United Overseas Bank Bali (1992). Continued his career as Investment Banking Team Leader at Bank Modern (1994). Joined HSBC in 1998 and during his time with HSBC, assumed various senior roles such as Senior Vice President in Business Banking, Human Resources, Global Banking, Credit Risk Management, etc. In 2009, was assigned by HSBC to Credit Risk Management Consultant in Bank Ekonomi. In 2010, he was appointed as Head of Corporate Banking of Bank Ekonomi, in addition to his role in the various Board level committees. His last position at HSBC Group was as Chief Risk Officer at Bank Ekonomi since 2014 and President Commissioner of PT HSBC Securities Indonesia since 2016.