Financial Institution

Financial Institution (FI) provides banking service for bank, securities company, investment manager, pension funding, insurance company, non-government institution, and other non-bank financial institution. Cash management, trade service, custodian, treasury product and credit are Financial Institution products that are important to increase wholesale and professional funding for Danamon.
These are products and services of Financial Institution (click the product name for detail information):

Fund Administration & Unit Link

Bank service of wealth saving service, transaction administration, accountancy and mutual funds data, including to monitor mutual funds obedience of regulations and contracts.

Core Custody

Custodian Bank Service as security saving service and other wealth related to securities (safekeeping), other services including dividend acceptation, interest rate and other rights (corporate action), and finishing account holder that become the customer (proxy). Custodian Bank may cooperate with other institution for the Customer interest or direct cooperation with account holder customer.

Kredit Angsuran Berjangka (Asset Based)

Kredit Angsuran Berjangka

Kredit Berjangka

Kredit Rekening Koran