Rita Mirasari
Corporate Secretary
Rita Mirasari is a Director of Danamon who has served as Corporate Secretary of Danamon since October 24th, 2016 based on decision No.KSR-DIR.Cor.Sec-003 dated October 17th, 2016 regarding the Appointment of Corporate Secretary.

Indonesian citizen, 53 years old and domiciled in Indonesia. She completed her education and earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Indonesia. She started her career in Banking since 1991 as Legal Officer at a local bank and has extensive experience in the fields of law, compliance as well as being a corporate secretary at various leading banks in Indonesia. Her last position before joining Danamon was as a Director of Regulatory Compliance & Financial Crime Compliance HSBC, Indonesia. Currently, she is the Director of Compliance, Financial Crime Compliance and Corporate Secretary and is responsible for the Temporary Integration Risk Officer.