Danamon Syariah Ready to Accept  Hajj Pilgrimage Fund Deposits

Jakarta, 20 August 2018 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Bank Danamon”) through its Islamic Banking unit is officially assigned as a Recipient Bank for Hajj Pilgrimage Fund Deposit (BPS-BPIH). Starting in August 2018, Bank Danamon accepts Hajj pilgrimage registration on its branch network.

“We are grateful and appreciate the trust bestowed by the Hajj Financial Management Office (BPKH) to us as Recipient Bank for Hajj Pilgrimage Fund Deposit (BPS-BPIH). As BPS-BPIH, Danamon Syariah has been entrusted with a duty to serve Hajj pilgrimage registration and payment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and BPKH. Additionally, Danamon Syariah is also assigned the roles of Placement Bank, Investment Partner Bank, and Value Management Bank to support BPKH in managing Hajj pilgrimage funds,” said Herry Hykmanto, Operations and Syariah Director, Bank Danamon.

Currently, Danamon Syariah Hajj Savings account is online with the Integrated Hajj Computerized System (SISKOHAT) managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. This means that the savings account provides guaranteed slot number for prospective Hajj pilgrims. Moreover, Danamon Syariah customers will also receive the added convenience of withdrawing cash from Real-denominated ATMs in Saudi Arabia free of charge through the Mastercard electronic ATM network.

Member of BPKH overseeing Operations, A. Iskandar Zulkarnain explained that the initial deposit for Hajj pilgrimage fund can be done through Islamic banks or Islamic banking units that have been assigned by BPKH as recipient banks. “Danamon Syariah has been assigned as a partner bank with 4 functions, which are Recipient Bank, Placement Bank, Investment Partner Bank, and Value Management Bank. With its wide branch network, we expect Danamon Syariah to provide easier access for prospective Hajj pilgrims to register for the pilgrimage. Our partnership with Bank Danamon is part of our efforts to raise the annual Hajj pilgrimage registration to 600,000 nationally,” added A. Iskandar Zulkarnain, Member of BPKH.

“The launch of the Hajj Savings today is in line with our commitment to provide the best service and solution in accordance to our customers’ needs, while being fully Sharia compliant. This Hajj Savings product is expected to be a solution for customers to realize their dream in fulfilling the fifth Pillar of Islam. We hope that the Hajj registration process will be more convenient through 412 Bank Danamon branches, either Sharia branches or branches with the Islamic Banking (iB) logo,” said Herry.

Throughout this promotional period, a number of attractive prizes are offered by Bank Danamon for customers who register for Hajj pilgrimage through the Bank and become an active depositor in Danamon Syariah Hajj savings account. The prizes include free Umrah pilgrimage or Hajj pilgrimage worth IDR 25 million.

In addition, Herry added that “as the waiting list for Hajj pilgrimage becomes longer, reaching more than ten years, we advise customers to prioritize and make preparations for Hajj pilgrimage as early as possible, so that the Hajj pilgrimage can be performed while young. Currently, Hajj pilgrimage registration can be done starting from 12 years of age.”

Hajj Planning Savings

Danamon Syariah also offers a savings product for customers who are planning to perform Hajj pilgrimage, by routinely depositing funds until meeting the initial deposit target of IDR 25 million. This product can be used by parents who want to begin preparation for their children’s Hajj pilgrimage. Parents can open the Hajj Planning Savings account to plan for their children’s pilgrimage starting from when they are 6 years of age.

The Hajj Planning Savings iB features a variety of conveniences for customers who wants to allocate funds for Hajj pilgrimage, including autodebit feature for disciplined deposit. Customers can also set the amount of monthly deposit and the timeframe as needed. Customers also receive free Islamic life insurance for up to IDR 200 million in coverage. When the funds are adequate, customers will be notified to register for the pilgrimage and receive a slot number.

To assist customers in prioritizing Hajj pilgrimage, Danamon Syariah has prepared a variety of programs to attract customers, starting from financing for house purchase and working capital to savings and Sharia-compliant investment for Umrah, Qurban, and insurance coverage as well as other financial solutions that are in line with Sharia principles.

“It is our commitment to provide the best service for prospective Hajj pilgrims and support the government in the sound management of Hajj pilgrimage funds,” said Herry.