Danamon LEBIH Youth / Danamon LEBIH Youth iB Savings Account

Intended for customers ages 12 –17 years, the Danamon LEBIH Youth/ Danamon LEBIH Youth iB savings account features various facilities and benefits to help young customers realize their dreams.

Benefits of Danamon LEBIH Youth / Danamon LEBIH Youth iB: :

  1. No Administration Fees (free admin)
    Customers are not charged monthly administration fees nor penalties if balance of savings fall below the minimum.
  2. Low Initial Deposit
    Open an account with an initial deposit of only IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah) and holding balance of only IDR 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah).
  3. No Transaction Fees (free transactions)
    No charges for cash withdrawals and online transfers using banks under the ATM Bersama, PRIMA or ALTO networks, applicable to a maximum of 5 times per month for each transaction, provided the maintaining balance prior to the transaction amounts to IDR 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah).
  4. Danamon LEBIH Youth / Danamon LEBIH Youth iB Special Debit Card
    Customers can perform various banking transactions using the uniquely designed Danamon LEBIH Youth / Danamon LEBIH Youth iB Special Debit Card which has a different daily transaction limit compared to other Danamon Debit Cards.
  5. Most up-to-date Transaction Features
    Customers can enjoy the convenience of the superior transaction features of 
    Aside from 24-hour access to Danamon's e-channel options, customers enjoy convenience of modern features and facilities, such as mobile banking facilities (D-Bank), Internet banking (Danamon Online Banking), Danamon SMS, ATM and Hello Danamon. These add to the convenience of transacting anytime, anywhere.

How to Open Danamon LEBIH Youth/ Danamon LEBIH Youth iB account::

  1. Open a Danamon LEBIH Youth/ Danamon LEBIH Youth iB Savings Account at any Danamon branch.
  2. For customers ages 12 –17, accomplish and sign the Account Opening Form then attach the Statement Letter and Parent/Guardian Approval duly filled up and signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Main Features of Danamon LEBIH Youth/ Danamon LEBIH Youth iB Savings Account*

Initial Deposit



Minimum balance on hold


Rp 10.000

Account closure fee


Rp 10.000

Minimum maintaining balance (penalty-free)


No minimum maintaining balance required

Penalty for below minimum balance


No penalty for below minimum balance

Minimum maintaining balance (dormant account)


Rp 250.000

Penalty for dormant account


Rp 5.000

Maximum balance limit


No limit for maximum balance

Interest Rates for Tabungan Danamon LEBIH Youth*



0 - < 500.000


≥ 500.000 <




Profit Share Agreement (Mudharabah) for Danamon LEBIH Youth iB* Savings Account

The customer will receive a ratio/profit share in all savings account balances under the following conditions:

  • The Indicative Rate is the result of the ratio with the Gross Profit Distribution (GPD).
  • GPD refers to the bank's income in the current month.
  • GPD, which is based on bank performance, is subject to change and not fixed.


Profit Share

Indicative Rate

0 - <




≥ 1.000.000




  • Main features and interest rates may change any time according to Danamon's policy
  • Interest calculation method: progressive tiering
  • The mechanism for calculating interest uses daily interest calculation, which involves calculating both daily balance and interest from the beginning until end of the current month. This will be credited to the account at the end of the current month

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